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    Sunday, 30 April 2017

    Gweru’s Too Paintings manager dumps wife for young sister

    Winter is upon us guys and I am grateful to those who heeded HOTH's call for more blankets and more huni because kumaGumtree kwavava nechando, iiii kuzoti Gweru you need to paint the whole house with black paint which absorbs more heat kuti zviite kurinanani.
    Especially in Dalesford aaa you can paint them and go to the Bowling Club with no problem.
    Bodotsvo Gweru is cold guys, the late popular blind singer had to compose a song for the midlands capital, Chando Chinouraya, Lesidhumbu.
    HOTH is told because of the below zero degrees temperatures this Paintings manager has decided to find another lover yes kubuda mumba muna madam for the younger sister because she is stout and chinodziya.
     ChemuGweru unotonotsvaka umwe chete.
    HanziChirere chigokurerawo mangwana but not with mainini Corodia.
    Paintings manager went for the young sister, Kumuramu chaiko kutamba chiKereke fortunately for him the young sister is grown up so there is no rape case plus varikutodawo zvavo mainini.
    HOTH is reliably informed that the two lovebirds are head over heels and they are now doing everywhere, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, pantry as long the Rashel the sister is at work chinongotsva.
    Rasheli works for Zanra.
    Baba vangu Gudo kudai he was caught red handed in between the sheets by the wife and she said enough is enough and packed her bags to Harare ne ZANARA road authority.
    Nama Ncube aripachuru apo this Paintings manager is a shame.
    But what can he do icho chando chemuGweru chagwagwadza kudai.
    Instead of finding warmth from his beloved Rasheli, Paintings manager decides to quench his appetite right under the same roof, mumba imomo right inside kuna mainini Corodia.
    Temperature ikangodzika, hoyo ware next room kuna Corodia, sausage in the womb straight straight no discussion otherwise the big sister would here the noise and wake up.
    But as you all know rinemanyanga hariputirwi, this other day the temperatures as usual in Gweru were below that normal degree, below chaiyo and as usual Mukanya would hop from the matrimonial bad straight kuna mainini for a quick one.
    Paintings manager would come home late everyday and sneak into Corodia's bedroom but this other day gava rakadambura musungo.
    The older sister Rasheli suspected something and she decided to listen to the unusual noise which was coming from the younger sister's bedroom. Oooooh mayo mayo surprise surprise the husband is gone, the two are enjoying the forbidden fruit right under her roof. Jesus!
    HOTH knows the noise is not unusual especially to those who are into this business of hiding the sausage like Mavhin the Paintings manager.
    Corodia kuita nhinhi akati shwa panababamukuru.
    And the sister was left with no choice except to pack her bags and head for Harare kusingararwe uku.
    But Corodia you have a hard heart literally speaking, unemoyo wakaoma chaizvo kuita dombo.
    Your sister all along was suspecting someone from afar yet it was you who was consuming the forbidden fruit, wakaoma. Kutoti sisi lets arrange tinomurova munhu iyeye yet you knew it was you in the thick of things.
    Now the sister is gone and Mavhin is back to his old behaviour HOTH is told akabata chimwe chisingle mother and they are enjoying life in the sun.
    From Bowling Club to Chitukuko to this village nekukuku kwaaa Tom Tom. Zindakupa zindakutoreara. What goes around comes around waiti ndewako, you share him kusvika makwana muGweru imomo. Akadiiko Tsikamutanda naProphet nezvikwambo, are they back from Malawi kunosimbiswa.
    Life is good!! gossip
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