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    Sunday, 23 April 2017

    Gweru house gutted by fire as owner tries to kill a snake


    GWERU – A resident of Mkoba 12 in Gweru was left shocked when a rare snake called File (Ndara in Shona) was seen in his yard on Tuesday morning and a fire mysteriously broke out inside one of the bedrooms when he and his wife tried to kill the serpent.
    The incident happened at number 4817 Mkoba 12 and Tawanda Totama who lodges at the house with his family said the two-meter-long snake was seen at around 7am by his wife who was filling up buckets with water at a tape outside the house.
    After seeing the snake (Ndara) which according to Shona beliefs is a bad, the wife called her hubby so that they could kill the serpent.
    "The incident happened today (Tuesday) at around 7am, my wife was outside filling buckets with water and she saw a snake. She called me to kill the snake. The top party of its body was sharp like a knife.
     "I personally did not see the snake but my wife said it sneaked into the garden where there are banana plants so I burnt tyres and threw them into the plants in a bid to drive it out.
    "The plants were burnt out but still we could not see the snake and as we retreated, a neighbor alerted us to a cloud of smoke that was coming from our bedroom," said Totama
    He rushed into the house to check what was happening and found his wardrobe up in flames. Ironically everything in the wardrobe was burnt to ashes but the house did not catch fire.
    An expert from Anthlope Park who talked to The Mirror said that the File is a rare snake and it was hard to believe that it could be seen in a residential area as it is only found in mountains.
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