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    Saturday, 18 March 2017

    Police rescue Chikomba RDC Councillor at lodge


    CHIVHU – Chivhu Police reacted swiftly and rescued Chikomba Town Councillor Israel Dhikinya who was cornered by the husband of his lover at Di Rozvi Complex Lodge in Chivhu on Tuesday morning.
    Police received reports that the husband and his cohorts who were armed with a knife and an axe got Dhikinya who is councillor for Ward 17 in Masasa holed in room number 7 at the Complex and were baying for the councillor's blood.
    Scores of people gathered at the lodge as the drama unfolded and the husband who is believed to be from Mahusvu Village under Chief ...... angrily ordered that the councillor come out. A man believed to be a manager at the lodge was also shouting at the top of his voice ordering Dhikinya out of the room so that the parties could resolve their issue away from the complex.
    A Mirror reporter arrived at the scene a few minutes after the drama.
    A senior Police officer at Chivhu confirmed the incident and said they rushed to the scene after hearing that the husband and his colleagues were armed and threatening violence.
    "We rushed there because we got reports that the husband of the councillor's lover was armed with a knife and an axe. We ensured safe passage of the councillor out of the lodge," said the senior officer without being drawn into further comments.
    Dhikinya confirmed the incident and said the story was not worth publishing because he has a child with the woman although the woman later married another man.
    "I had called her so that we could discuss our child's welfare in private. I don't think that the husband would want to see us together and hence we needed a private place to discuss our issues," said Dhikinya.
    He said that there was no sex in the room although the couple is estimated to have spent an hour before the husband got wind of the rendezvous.
    Sources told The Mirror that the husband had adequate information of the rendezvous as he went straight to the door and knocked at number 7. There was a prolonged period before a stout woman who should be in her forties eventually came out of the room and stood at the veranda embarrassed and confused.
    The Mirror is in possession of a video clip of the debacle.
    The husband shouted into her face and then shouted for the person inside to come out. Dhikinya refused to budge and remained holed inside until his safety was assured by the arrival of the Police.
    Uncofirmed reports said there was a discussion between the husband and Dhikinya and the later agreed to pay one beast for his sins.
    Dhikinya is not new to such storms as he was in The Mirror a few months back in a case involving messages with a married woman.
    It is alleged that Dhikinya was dropped off at the lodge by a taxi.local news
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