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    Sunday, 5 February 2017

    MP Marapira poised to set record maize production


    MASVINGO - The MP for Masvingo North, Davis Marapira is set to make a farming record as he projects to produce 15 tons of maize per hectare from his irrigated crop at Lamote Farm on the periphery of Masvingo City.
    He is looking at a total production of 1 650 tonnes of maize from 110 hectares.
    Marapira who is also the Deputy Minister of Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development is surpassing the national target of 5 tonnes per hectare under command agriculture scheme by 300% as he is producing 15 tonnes.
    Masvingo province is expected to produce 4 000 tonnes under the command agriculture scheme.
    The farm is installed with state of the art centre pivot which is capable of irrigating 100 hectares of land.
    "We are working closely with experts from the SADC region to ensure that we produce maximum yields per hectare," said Marapira during a tour of the highly mechanised 428 hectare farm.
    He also added that more land will be cleared and smaller centre pivot will be installed for wheat irrigation in winter.
    There are hundreds of cattle at the farm, breeding bulls valued at $25 000 each, hundreds of sheep and goats which are sold to local farmers and butcheries.
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