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    Sunday, 26 February 2017

    Married teachers do it for free passage at roadblocks

    THERE is something stinking about this Police station located 40km from the Ancient City. Ehe iyoyozve imwe ipi?  Tande ne Harare Road, komu kuruboshwe pashowground apa, tasa nayo road, aaa hekani waro pfacha masvika!
    It's true; this is the place where a n'anga, a whole n'anga complained that he was forced to pay a bribe to madam …..uhmmm Kkkkk pwati. Oh yes for a traffic offence. How far that impounded car Zimra officials? Deal with these faceless cops and tax them heavily for the bribes they receive daily at roadblocks!
    And now there is this Bush Constable, oops sorry, the name is actually Bushes or is it Forests.
    So Constable Bushes is cassanova, a sex predator and like his boss can be ruthless when he works to get whatever he wants.
    There are these two female teachers, one teaches in Shurugwi and the hubby is an engineer in Mozambique. The couple has a house in this little dying mining town. Varume garai nemadzimai enyu hahahaha! Seka zvako Hoth. Yes stay with your wives; that's the hallmark of marriage! Read your Bible carefully. Call this Shurugwi woman Mrs Fair Labour.
    Then the other teacher works at this school; but please don't push each other when I tell you the name of the school.
    Bodozve musasundana, moda kuita Masunda here? Varozvi vakatsva nenhopi! Call this woman Mrs Container!
    And this woman's husband also works Miles away and don't ask me about Miles because you will get all the latest about this man next week. Now this is another Miles! Kkkkkk. Yes the woman's hubby works in Mash West, oh yes next to Amai Dr's Empire! Chasura!
    So these two women are in essence partial-widows, they see their husbands once in three months; semi divorced if you like! Wegona Chitova. Both run small commuter cars between Masvingo and Mashava and Zvishavane whatever……….
    And because Constable Bushes is a Cassanova, he has entered into a lucrative deal with the two women where he gets what he wants and they don't pay any fines on the road!
    Kupika naChioniso ari pachuru, it's happening! Last week a daring secret photographer captured him on camera having it in the car at this golf course near Mashava. He was with Mrs Container.
    If it's not true Constable Bushes why then was your flyer open when you came out of that car? Ehezve why was your flyer open on Saturday? Tell me why it was open when you were with Mrs Container in that secluded corner?. Unofunga Mrs Container iDengu raunokandira svina dzako?
    Oh yes this happened at Gireta Park where well-meaning men play golf and you were doing it on a married woman.
    The same is happening with Mrs Fair Labour. You also take her to Gireta Park and play Golf on her. And by the way don't treat her like Musevenzi wako! Pwaati!
    And to you Madam Boss its tick-tock tick-tock  on the clock; all your deals are getting into Hoth's ears. Constable Bushes is your trusted Blue Eyed Boy! That's why he enters any and all deals Kwaaa! Chisingaperi chinoshura!
    When Hoth sinks in his teeth, he really sinks!gossip
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