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    Sunday, 12 February 2017

    Gweru chartered accountant to contest 2018 elections


    GWERU – Trust Chikohora, A well known chartered accountant in Gweru has decided to wade into Zimbabwe's treacherous political arena.
    There are little prospects for financial gain for him in politics; if at all Chikohora who sits on a number of company and non-governmental organisations boards is compromising his private business by so doing.
    But he says with strong conviction and confidence that the hour has come for him to join other like-minded in rescuing "our country" from the mess that it finds itself in. He says it will be an error of omission for him to continue to keep quiet and sit on the fence.
     Chikohora who runs the only chartered accountant company in Gweru has set his eyes on Gweru Urban Constituency and for this he will be running on the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) ticket.
    "The state of our country is terrible and getting worse. It is for people like me who have the capacity to make a difference to stand up and do something otherwise it will be an error of omission to remain quiet.
    "It's high time we get the best representation for our different constituencies in Parliament and more so for Gweru. We need Members of Parliament who can call the executive to account and for Gweru we have yearned for progress for many years and even called our town the City of Progress but where is the progress?" asked Chihora.
    Asked why he has decided to run on the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe ticket, Chikohora said he started off in the MDC T but when there were problems in the party and its eventual split he joined the Renewal Democrats of Zimbabwe (RDZ) which is led by Elton Mangoma.
    Chikohora is the Secretary General of the RDZ.
     "Gweru urban needs a serious Parliamentarian; one who can take its issues to Parliament and influence Government thinking on the City. We have had MPs who have become popular for not making a single contribution in Parliament for a whole five-year tenure," said Chikohora.
    He said he was through his party currently involved in coalition building as he is part of the Coalition of Democrats, CODE.
    Chikohora did his A levels at Fletcher High School and from there he joined a company in Harare where he trained as a chartered account.
    After graduating he worked for several organisations before he formed his own company Chikohora Chartered Accountants in 2014. He became the President of the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce from 2010 to 2011 and Comesa Business Council of Zimbabwe from 2010 to 2013.
    He briefly dabbled in local authority politics when he became a special interest councilor representing business at the Gweru City Council. He sat on the board of the Legal Resources Foundation and was in the MSU Council Board for sometime.
    Chikohora was born in Masvingo and at the age of three his family moved to Gweru where he was raised and has lived most of his life.
    He has helped many needy areas in the city; he took a number of students on attachment donated books to several schools.
     "I have a lot of interest in this city because l grew up here and l am aware of every single issue that need to be addressed," said Chikohora.
    Gweru Urban seat has been in the hands of the MDC-T since 2000 and Sesel Zvidzai (MDC-T) is the current legislator and Chikohora says he has what it takes to grab the seat.local news
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