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    Sunday, 26 February 2017

    Angry Gweru vendors mob con-tricksters


    Scores of MSU students lose money


    GWERU –Tens of angry Gweru women vendors who couldn't take it anymore swarmed and threatened violence against groups of marauding con-tricksters (feja-feja) operating from the city centre on Tuesday after they tricked a Midlands State University student and went away with US$400.
    What angered the vendors more is that the con-tricksters were arrested the previous day after conning yet another student and were released by the Police within 24 hours and only return to commit more crimes.
    The women who numbered about 10 ganged together and confronted the con-tricksters who operate from near the Midlands Hotel and ordered them to leave or face violence from them.
    Acting Provincial Police Spokesperson Assistant Inspector Ethel Mukwende said she had not heard anything about the incident where the women vendors took the law into their hands and sent the con-tricksters packing.
    However, The Mirror witnessed the incident where the angry vendors mobbed the con-tricksters and ordered them to leave. The con-tricksters initially tried to resist but they realized that the situation was almost getting out of hand as the vendors were ready to mete instant justice.
    "Yesterday we warned you after you conned an MSU student of his $400 and the student went away crying. Today you have conned about five students and we have been seeing you doing this all along. We are parents and we will not allow you to continue doing this. These students are desperate. Today you will not do your gambling from here," shouted an angry vendor.
    Another vendor said she witnessed another student being conned of $190 and they advised her to report the matter to Police. The group was arrested but what is frustrating that the group was back in less than 24 hours.
    "We are angry because this group was arrested yesterday after conning a student and in less than 24 hours they were back. No we are not taking this, these students are just as good as our kids," shouted a vendor.
    A woman con- trickster who didn't realize that she was speaking to a reporter bragged that conning people were their way of life and even invited The Mirror reporter to join the group.
    She said if arrested by the Police the gamblers always buy their way out.local news
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