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    Sunday, 5 February 2017

    19yr old rapes Zanu PF MP (56)


    GWANDA – A 56-year-old Zanu PF MP who was elected under proportional representation was allegedly raped in a football ground by a 19-year-old boy just as she left a night club at 2am, Gwanda Regional Magistrate has heard.
    The MP's name cannot be disclosed as journalism ethics do not allow the exposing of rape victims' names in the Press.
    Dylan Ndlovu of Mahetshe Village under Chief Fuyana in Maphisa appeared before Gwanda Regional Magistrate Mark Dzira on January 30, 2017 for allegedly raping the 56-year-old MP.
    The MP who is married is visually handicapped.
    Ndlovu who is being represented by Prince Bhutshe from Mathonsi Ncube Law Chamber is pleading not guilty to the crime allegedly committed on November 11, 2016.
    According to court papers the MP stays at Maphisa Growth Point. A medical examination shows that there was penetration on the night that the MP claims to have been raped. The medical examination was carried out in the presence of the husband.
    It is the State case that on November 11, 2016 the MP was with three friends, Thandiwe Moyo, Nosizo Ndlovu and Mgcini Mhlophe at Thutsu Night Club and they left the club at around 2am.
    The allegations are that of the three friends, Thandiwe who is a relative to the husband of the MP was ordered to go and ask the MP's husband to come and collect his wife at the nightclub.
    Instead of waiting for the husband to come, the three however, walked behind Thandiwe on their way home.
    A while later Thandiwe returned and allegedly found the Senator being raped by Ndlovu in Maphisa Football Ground. It was said in the court that Ndlovu ran away when Thandiwe used a torch to see what was going on.
    However, Bhutshe punched holes into the complainant and her witnesses' evidence. He asked who removed the MP's undergarments which were allegedly found by the MP's side during the rape.
    He also asked why there was no damage to the MP's spectacles when the rape occurred and why the MP did not scream.
    The court was left in stitches when the witnesses tried to explain how the MP was raped in the presence of two friends.
    In their response they said that they were singing as they walked home from the night club and the two got possessed one after another and dropped to the ground. It was then that the MP was left at the mercy of the alleged rapist.
    "The MP sent Thandiwe to go and fetch her husband at home so that he could come and collect her from the night club. We however, decided to walk slowly towards our places of residence. On our way we were singing traditional songs that caused Mhlophe to be under the ancestral spirits' influence and we left him lying by the side road. After a few metres I was also caught by the same spirit and when I woke up Thandiwe had arrived only to find the MP's undergarments on her side and the accused raping her," Ndlovu told the court.
    The undergarments included a pair of tights
    The complainant said that she did not understand why the accused chose to rape her.
    "I do not understand why the accused chose me over a younger person who was spiritually possessed," she said.
    The husband later arrived at the scene and they went to the Police station where they were referred to the hospital for a medical examination and the report showed that the MP had had sex.
    Ndlovu was granted $100 bail. Mncedisi Dube prosecuted.
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