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    Saturday, 28 January 2017

    Muddy water after weeks of dry taps in Zvishavane


    ZVISHAVANE - Zvishavane residents have slammed the town fathers for the muddy and dirty water that is coming out of their taps following weeks of no water in the town.
    Residents who phoned The Mirror complained that there was a great risk of people getting water-borne diseases as the water doesn't appear to have gone through a treatment plant.
    Piped water was only restored a few days ago after the town had gone from December last year without water.
    Residents have resorted to purchasing expensive bottled water from supermarkets. A few boreholes that were donated by a local businessman broke down after being overworked due to non-supply of water.
    Zvishavane town secretary Tinoda Mukutu referred The Mirror to Town Engineer Dominic Mapwashike for comment but the later's mobile went unanswered.
    "On that issue talk to my engineer," said Mukutu.
    Zvishavane District Medical Superintendent Doctor Tapiwa Mavurayi said people must take great care when it comes to water that they drink particularly during the rainy season as the risk of typhoid and cholera is high.
    He urged residents to boil the water that they use.
    "Such water poses a risk with such water borne diseases as typhoid and cholera and I urge town fathers to address the situation as a matter of urgency. Harare and Norton have recorded typhoid outbreaks and the risk is really high. I call upon the community to boil water for cooking and drinking moreover purchase water-guard to those that can afford," said Mavurayi.
    Zvishavane is a beneficiary of the Small Town Water and Sanitary Health program spearheaded by the Local Government ministry and non-governmental organizations. The programme saw local council being given funds and equipment to refurbish water treatment and sewer plants.
    Residents and Ratepayers Association general secretary John Mugabe said the situation was deplorable and condemned maladministration and incompetence at council.
    "The town had gone for over a month without tap water and now they are supplying dirty water. The water is muddy and I believe they are just pumping the water directly from the dam straight to residents without treating it. That is gross incompetence and mismanagement. Where is our money going to?" asked Mugabe.
    A Mandava resident Loveness Homera said her daughter escaped death by a whisker after suffering from diarrhea which she suspects was caused by the dirty tap water.
    "Council must not take our lives for granted, my six-year daughter almost died from severe diarrhea after drinking this tap water," she said.
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