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    Saturday, 21 January 2017

    Masvingo businessman turns office into a slaughter room

    Kkkkk, HOTH has heard it before! Some offices are called slaughter houses!
    There is one such along Hofuhono Street in Masvingo where an average four beasts are butchered everyday and if you have a sharp ear you can hear the animals groaning and crying out for mercy from 30 metres away! Baba gudo!
    Ehezve, Hofuhono hamuizivi here Street iri busy sitereki muMasvingo. This is where you find Mamaira, oh yes the offices for the miles kkkkk, wakadiiko mufana wami. You also find the biggest supermarket in Masvingo; is that Ok with you and pesverere across the road there is this popular beerhall, ehezve Landgrab.
    Somewhere in that busy street, as hundreds of human life are walking up and down shopping for children excetra, excetra, a 60-year-old granddad is busy with his sharp long knife slaughtering cows and calves alike. Makadiiko Samanyika, ehezve moyo, oh yes the granddad comes from somewhere in Manicaland, near that famous bridge and is of the moyo totem.
    Ehezve ndipo pavaikwira-kwira vachi vadiki. Vakakwira, vakadzika, vakakwira vakadzika. That's where the lessons were taken from. Kuswera vachingokwira bridge reBirchenough!
    Please get me right; there is a law firm there, there is beerhall up there, there is an old building down there and the slaughter house is somewhere in the middle. Aikaka ndiyoyozve, housed in this little complex which is girini in colour. Inside that complex is the slaughter room.
    So you want me to tell you that in the same complex is also a little pharmacy and a doctor; you mean Dr Mazondo? Manje izvozvo handizvizive. Hoth will not vouch on that. I can also hear someone saying that there is a land developer there; again Hoth knows nothing like that please!
    Someone also says some man who is red in colour also repairs keys from the same building; please don't attribute that to Hoth. Hoth knows nothing like that! Ko kana achigadzira hake key dzake imi munei nazvo?
    What Hoth knows for sure is that the granddad uses a black gate to get to the back of the complex and somewhere there is a small office which is now Masvingo's biggest slaughter house
    Hoth also knows 100% that this whole complex is owned by this grand dad who is slaughtering beasts!
    Please don't ask Hoth whether the cows and calves are slaughtered while they are standing or sitting. Neither should you ask him whether they are placed in some sleeping position or they are made to bent over kkkkkk Wegona Chitova.
    All he knows is that at least four are slaughtered everyday. What Hoth can stand and vouch before any judge whether mortal or immortal is he has heard beasts groaning and mourning as they are slaughtered.
    It takes a whole hour to get a beast slaughtered maybe it's because of the age of the butcher man.
    Ko ungamudii ariye muridzi wecomplex? Oh yes you won't do anything to him, he is the owner of the complex and he will slaughter his beasts whether the tenants and their clients like it all night. He slaughters his animals as people are walking up and down the corridors.
    Inenge iri heki-heki muslaughter room masikati machena and rakacheka nyika. Kana afa nemwoyo ndeyekwake iyo!
    And just last week a calf came complaining that its tummy is bulging after a slaughter session. Nhaka Chasura!
    Ehezve, the granddad has a fleet of cars. He was born in 1954 and he recently bought a BMW. Ehezve ndiyeyezve uyu anogara in this Mucheke Suburb. Exactly, he keeps his wife in the rural areas where she is a farming at a ploy. Yaa you got him.
    He definitely is not Biggie Matiza because Matiza is not from Manicaland, Biggie comes from Mash East!
    Now Hoth want to urge you granddad to stop your slaughter sessions because everyone at the complex is aware of them. Some of your tenants actually phone their friends in various parts of Masvingo to come and stand by the door and listen to your slaughter sessions. Your sessions have become a major attraction for the city.
    Hoth was recently called and had a tortuous time peeping through the key hole and listening to a little cow being slaughtered!
    Kkkkk 2017, Chinjai maitiro sabhuku!gossip
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