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    Sunday, 29 January 2017

    Man left penniless as Queen Vic teacher fakes pregnancy

    Kkkkkkikikikikiiikiii, sorry I am not laughing at the Worries, I mean Warriors No Bodo.
    I have always told people that this student teacher is a gold digger. She leaves you clean, with nothing! Kkkkkk. I mean this little slim student teacher at this teacher training college next to this Monomotapa University. Ehezve this lady with these sprouting locks.
    Munotengesa mombe kumusha hedu! Oh yes she leaves you so penniless that you will go back to your rural home and sell your parents' muuuu! Cattle pwaati!
    I am laughing at this poor man who is contracted by this great greatest University, I mean this pompous young man who is in his late twenties. Yaaa chirimufana zvake but kungwarira paduri sehuku ndokwanetsa.
    Munomuziva mhanhi uyu anechiToyota Vitz weku Rujeko uyu mhanhi anogara kuB yaamamuziva who is married but has no kids.
    Baba vangu Nyathi iweee kwai ndazviwanira baby, heya uchamuka mutown.
    Yes HOTH can vouch kuti akangwarira padurisehuku, because how can your girl claim to be pregnant for one, two, three, four, five months without you noticing kuti you are being fooled.
    Sure zve being fooled like a faithfool political supporter wema Warriors chigagaigwa chepa teachers college zveapo, ichichiripa Victoria Junior paTP kana kuti PT hameno.
    Let's call this guy Rusunguko or Liberated and the girl Fulo kana kuti Furoreti who fooled a whole big man into believing that she was pregnant with a baby boy, yes a baby boy.
    The clever sister would pretend to be in pain whenever the guy wanted it yet she was on, I mean ariku moon and she would demand money to go to the doctor to check how the baby is behaving in the womb yet the money was to buy pads.
    She would claim money to go and register the non-existent baby at Mazorodze clinic in Mucheke and Baba Future would provide pronto without failure, haa honey I need fruits haa honey I need mavise akagochwa kkkk.
    Towards Xmas she hatched a plan to buy grocery for her family, the extended family, vanambuya naanasekuru nema exboyfriend and each and everyone she could think of.
    Hii honey my sister is going to South Africa and can I have the money to buy preparation, I need about $300 for everything for our baby.
    A and as you know honey, sweety,chocy things are cheap in South Africa, we can even buy milk yemwana wedu ikoko.
    Baba nhiya coughed up $400 which translate into over R6000, yakabuda faster faster, vana mai vambuya vana Sekuru vakaudzwa vese kutikuno we are expecting a baby and preparation is going to be bought in SA.
    Come January the stomach is not bulging and she hatches a new plan, dread Welly wema plan.
    Ngrrrr ngrrr dear I have had a miscarriage and it was a baby boy ufunge.
    Baba anguNgaraiwee, nhamozvainoita, iyoyokudamwanaiyi.
    She turned down the offer to be ferried from Mazorodzeclinic where she claimed the miscarriage happened and said she was already home.
    But, the man would have non of it as he went straight to the sister's place and banged the doors and the gate demanding his dues back.
    Unfortunately he has lost the baby, musikana and the money.
    Zvakatobaya, gone for good, asikana musadaro nemwivo muchimukawo kanhi vafana vezviVitz.
    Pakadii paVic Junior nepaGZ.
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