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    Sunday, 29 January 2017

    Knife robbers who terrorised Masvingo nabbed after shootings


    MASVINGO - Three of Masvingo's most notorious thugs who are alleged to have robbed people on more than 30 occasions at knife point were nabbed by a team of detectives who had to shoot the ring leader's legs before they arrested them.
    The robbers were caught in the wee hours of Friday in Sisk, Masvingo as they entered their different girlfriends' houses from night operations by the detectives who used firearms and Police dogs.
    The trio has already appeared before Magistrate Peter Tomupeyi Madiba on Monday and Tuesday facing over 10 counts of robbery and have all been convicted.

    The three Trust Masava (34) nicknamed Senior who stayed at Nemamwa Growth Point, Lovemore Nhapata (24) who stayed at Mucheke in Masvingo and Tongai Dzimate Mutasa (23) nicknamed Tupac who stayed at Nyika used sharp okapi knives to rob people along secluded paths in Masvingo, Nyika Growth Point, Birchenough and Ngundu.
    The Mirror understands that they are all beneficiaries of last year's Presidential pardon. They took cellphones and money from those that they robbed. The Mirror understands that stolen phones were recovered from a phone dealer who sells second hand cellphone handsets in Masvingo identified as Learnmore Kadhoro.
    They also hitchhiked and robbed motorists along Masvingo's highways and at some stage allegedly robbed a primary school pupil of his satchel. Two shots were fired at around 5am on Friday as detectives arrested Masava who is believed to be the ring leader and was attacking Police dogs with a knife.
    The robbers had remained a mystery to the Police as they attacked people at Chimusana Bridge near Chikato, Mudhefudhefu, Victoria Ranch. However, a survivor who outpaced them as he used a path when at the water tanks near Kopje Suburb gave a description to the Police who then narrowed down the suspects to the three and a massive manhunt started resulting in them being spotted in Mucheke and close surveillance being mounted on them for two weeks.

    The detectives kept the surveillance for 24 hours every day and watched the robbers as they went out for drinks and returned home early and waited for the most opportune time to strike without any of them escaping from their clutches.
    Sources said the detectives almost lost the plot as the robbers had got wind that they were being tracked just a day before they were arrested and they had become more cautious and one of the girlfriend had suddenly moved to another lodging.
     Nhapata actually slept in a maize field on that night and was caught by a Police dog as he entered a sex worker's yard in Sisk in the morning.
    After the arrest of Nhapata they went for Senior who has a girlfriend only identified as Mary at Sisk and waited for him to arrive.
    Senior was arrested a few hours later as he arrived at a sex worker's place identified as Mary. The house was surrounded and Police dogs were unleashed on him, he fought back using a knife and almost escaped but was and had to be shot twice in the leg as he ran away.
    The detectives then proceeded to Nyika where they found Tupac having a chat with his wife and a neighbour in his yard. They surrounded the home and arrested him without a hassle.
    On December 8, 2016 the robbers pounced on Taibu Chilambu a telecoms technician from Ruwa after he offered them a lift from Zaka.
    They pointed a knife at him and near Roy and he was forced surrender six cell phones, a drilling machine, satchels and some clothes.
    At GMB industrial they robbed more than six people.
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