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    Saturday, 21 January 2017

    Chivhu residents’ alliance chairman stands up to PA


    CHIVHU – The chairman of Chivhu Residents' and Ratepayers' Alliance, Collen Zvarevashe refused to be intimidated by Mash East Provincial Administrator (PA) when they clashed during a meeting called by the earlier to object to the local authority's 2017 budget proposal.
    The meeting was held at the Chikomba Rural District Council boardroom in Chivhu on Monday.
    In a heated exchange of words, Mash East PA Takavabarira Kutamahufa ordered Zvarevashe's alliance to unite with another residents representative body in the town. He warned that unless they united and make their presentations as one, Chikomba RDC was not going to attend to their grievances.
    Zvarevashe retorted by warning the PA that his association would walk out of the meeting if he gave preconditions for meetings. He said he was ready to fight to the bitter end for the rights of the residents of thetown.
    The furious PA warned Zvarevashe that he was crossing the Government red line and added that as a Government they told people what to do and how to do it and not the other way.
    "Baba imi hatina kuuya kuzoita mahumbwe, we are in charge of nine other districts so don't talk like that. You are not the only person who has a loud voice, after all imbwa dzinoruma hadzihukuri kana dzava kunyatsoda kuruma chaiko, regai tikuratidzei kuti dzinoruma sei.
    "Don't go beyond the red line young man, I am in Government, I tell you the truth," said Kutamahufa.
    Zvarevashe said he was prepared to fight or even shed blood for the cause of the residents of Chivhu.
    Zvarevashe and his Alliance believe that the other residents association he was being asked to join hands with is an outfit representing interests of Zanu PF as the leadership there is the same with that in the ruling party's district and provincial structures.
    Zvarevashe told the PA that it was neither law nor in the constitution that there should be one association in a town. He accused the PA of infringing on people's rights of freedom of association.
    "This is our community and we are prepared to die for it. If our community is taken to ransom then we have to fight. There is nowhere in the constitution or in the law where it says there would be one residents' forum in a town," declared Zvarevashe.
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