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    Saturday, 17 December 2016

    Woman Gvt director head over heels with junior

    THIS place called Masvingo or Svingeti never ceases to amaze HOTH.
    When HOTH was about to go to other places the people from Dzimbadzemabwe quickly spring up a surprise, vakabva vabura nyowani kunge Ja Prezhah.
    Because they like pleasure too much and they mostly enjoy it in between the sheets, Tiontendazvakanaka kana zvaitwa nemutovo kwawo they always say after the act, kana vaita Kupindiwa.
    Pakadii paBenjanmin Burombo where most Government departments are housed mukati kati seGold mine. Iro Gold rakati yaka yaka muMasvingo chero kwaChikofa there is a gold mine.
    I think I have meandered enough let me go straight to the point as I said Tinotendazvakanaka.
    In my wildest dreams I never thought woman bosses would be that cruel to their male juniors to that extent.
    It is unthinkable madam, its unheard of because most of the jealous cases are between women and women not the other way, but not with our madam boss.
    This madam director of ours is madly in love with this 25 year old and the young man calling the shots from the sheets telling madam boss to fire one by one all those who would have crossed his path.
    Yes one by one and now we are at four vachienda and that represents the number of rounds that the young has with our madam boss everytime they meet for hide the sausage business.
    HOTH is told that all this came to light through the now popular whatsapp.
    Whatsapp has suddenly become popular, especially women are enjoying it because day by day men are exposed by this communication platform.
    Last week our madam boss had enjoyed the sausage such that she wanted an encore and as usual she decided to text through whatsapp because Tinotendazvakanaka kana Tapindiwa.
    Unfortunately the young wife was awake and baba Bhoyi dzanga dzakatitora hope tirimu red gear.
    The mother of the house took the phone and started communicating with the madam boss kuita Mupindiwachaiwo nekutexta, madam boss  only realised that she was communicating with the wrong person after the cat had been let out of the bag.
    It was too late and mai vanga vatobata gure rose and she went straight to her friend and revealed all the details hapana chakasara musi uyu.
    The number of rounds and the finer details of how she enjoys the act with the young man and the advice to dismiss the four guys.
    The texts confirm that the idea was mooted while madam boss and the young man were having good time, literally stealing the forbidden fruit from the young lady at home.   
    HOTH is told that the young man would make his requests when madam boss is over the moon and he would simply say, 'komuface uya hausati waminyorera wani arikundibhowa kushanda naye plus he is a threat to my promotion chimudzinga sweety.'
    Within four days the letter of dismissal would have been written and basa rapera just like that.
    HOTH is also told that the young may release his wife than to lose chimhamha because kuna chimhamha kune job security, 4x4, workshops dzekupfura simbi and above all mai vakabatana ivavo zvavo zvokuti ukatamba uNopindiwa nerudo zvachose ukukanganwa mhuri kana kuirasa.
    But one thing that HOTH will not stop doing is do give advice, free free advice.
    As much as HOTH wants to expose what happens behind the scenes anopa free advice, for madam boss and young subordinate cum lover, pabasa hapanyengwi because mhedzisiro yacho ndiyoyi, destroying other families for no apparent reason and your standing in society is also affected.
    Munefa! gossip 
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