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    Sunday, 4 December 2016

    St Anthony on the brink due to power cuts

    ...Parents bringing boarding pupils water to bath- MP


    ZAKA – The mortuary at St Anthony's Mission Hospital near Jerera in Zaka is in a terrible state and the Roman Catholic-run  high school operating from the same place is on the verge of closure as the two institutions have had no power for many months now.
    There has been no tape water for the 1 000 students in boarding and the risk of disease outbreak is high as the toilets are not being flushed.
    The students have also not been washing their clothes because there is no water which is drawn to the school using electricity.
    Zaka West MP Paradzai Chakona said he is bringing his child at St Anthony 40 litres of water every week for his use. Water for the hospital is coming from boreholes and is being rationed.
    "I am calling Zesa on a daily basis and they always say that they are rectifying the problem but nothing is materialising. St Anthony did not have water for two continuous weeks and this happens regularly. I take 40 liters of water to my kid every weekend and look; children are writing exams but they don't have water to wash or to go to the toilet.
    We also have a hospital but these people from Zesa are not concerned," said Chakona.
    Apart from the school, Jerera Growth point which is the biggest service centre for Zaka District has also not have electricity for many months and business has been seriously affected with perishables particularly meat being thrown out in butcheries because of lack of power.
    Surprisingly ZETDC Eastern Region manager, Milton Munodawafa professed ignorance on the problem.
    He said all he knew was that there are some general faults in the area which are caused by weather conditions.
     "I know faults were happening in general due to the adverse weather conditions. I am yet to hear about the issue of Zaka and I will make a follow up and see if the problems are rectified with immediate effect" said Munodawafa.
    Provincial Education Director Zedias Chitiga said he heard about the shortage of water at St Anthony but is yet to receive an official report from the district`s education offices. He said he will look into the situation and see what options there are.
    Chakona said the problem of power is experienced on a daily basis and is now a matter of grave concern. He said the situation at St Anthony School is so pathetic that the best thing is to close it.
    "We will look into the situation and see if the school has any other workable mitigatory measures before taking action. I will be in Zaka soon to assess the situation" said Chitiga.
    Jerera Businessman Chamunorwa Dedza said they are experiencing electricity blackouts four days per week which is causing losses in their business. Dedza runs a butchery and said he loses $200 worth of products weekly due to the power outages. He said there is a fault at a breaker at Zaka which switches on Jerera but officials from Zesa are failing to repair it.news
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