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    Sunday, 4 December 2016

    Police officers staying in offices at Beitbridge


    BEITBRIDGE - Police officers who were hurriedly transferred from other places to Beitbridge recently are staying in squalor at their offices as they are failing to get accommodation either in the Police camp or the surrounding suburbs.
    Officers of lower and higher ranks have stashed their properties including their wardrobes, toiletries, groceries and blankets in their workplace. They sleep on the floor and they cook using firewood or buy fast food. Those who talked to The Mirror declined to be named for fear of victimisation.
    Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba however, professed ignorance over the matter.
    "I do not know of anything like that in Beitbridge," she said.
    The officers said they were afraid of a health hazard at their as three of the four chambers in a single toilet are out of order; and the one that is functional is always dirty.
    The crisis emerged after the transfers that were made in September when Police in Beitbridge failed to contain a violent demonstration that erupted in the town over a ban in the importation of various basic commodities,
    The officers complained that because of the short notice given for the transfers, they failed to plan and they were not adequately supported by the employer with resources including money to help them during the transfer.
    "There was no planning on how we were going to get to Beitbridge or where we were going to stay.
    "What I know is when one is to relocate, he or she has to plan and manage his finances so that there will be easy adaption to the environment.
    "It is unfortunate that if you do not have another option you are forced to give in to those conditions," he said.
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