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    Sunday, 4 December 2016

    Mombeshora, Manyame RDC clash over Gilston Centre


    BEATRICE – 'War' has erupted in Manyame between the Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement Dr Douglas Mombeshora and Manyame Rural District Council over a 319 hectare piece of land, 26 km south of Harare which the local authority
    intends to turn into a growth point.
    Mombeshora however, wants to subdivide the piece of land into agro plots and allocate them to individual farmers. The Mirror is reliably informed that Zanu PF
    youth who were promised residential stands by President Mugabe and hoped to get 200 stands from Gilston have camped at the centre ready to attack anyone who comes to implement Dr Mombeshora's plans. War is looming at Gilston, said a source who declined to be named.
    Efforts to get comment from Mombeshora were fruitless as he continuously hang up his mobile phone. According to documents in the hands of The Mirror, Manyame RDC proposed way back in 2003 that part of Gilston Farm which is at the Harare South Golf Course along Harare – Chivhu Road be reserved for a business centre to service multitudes of resettled farmers in the area and ultimately become the growth point of Manyame District.
    This proposal was accepted by all the land committees including district and the provincial land committee. The proposal was also endorsed by successive Ministers of State for Mash East Province including, Biggie Matiza and the current Rtd Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri.
    The Minister of Rural Development, Preservation and Promotion of Culture
    and Heritage Abednico Ncube also endorsed the proposal in a letter dated October 6, 2016. However, Mombeshora reversed the plan when he wrote a letter declaring that the 319 hectare piece of land was going to be turned into agro plots that would be parcelled out to individuals.
    Manyame RDC chairman, Naason Mudzara confirmed the stalemate with
    the Minister and described the move by Mombeshora as sheer greedy.
    He said his council unanimously agreed that Gilston should become the growth
    point of the district because of its central position. He said Manyame district
    offices for all Government departments including the district administrator are located in Chitungwiza at Makoni BusinessCentre. The place was not central as people from most parts of the district were boarding two buses in order to get to the district offices.
    Councillor Mudzara said he's now pursuing the matter through party structures
    and would seek audience with President Mugabe.
    "This is a business centre that was approved by all Government departments
    except Minister Mombeshora. The process started long before he was appointed
    "This is greedy because this will all happen at the expense of Manyame District
    Council which is going to lose a project that is a source of revenue.
    "There was an outcry among the councillors two weeks ago when we received
    a letter from Mombeshora cancelling the 13-year project. We however,
    will not allow this project to die. "President Mugabe recently instructed
    all councils to allocate stands to youth and women and Gilston was also earmarked for that. The move by the Minister will obviously affect the performance of the party's in the 2018 elections as he is
    thwarting the President's empowerment programmes," said Muzara.
    According to Mudzara, Mombeshora wants surveyors to move into Gilston as
    soon as possible and subdivide the land into those plots.
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