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    Saturday, 17 December 2016

    Hospital general hand in love triangle with policeman, prison guard

    THIS one is too much oooh it's too much I tell you. HOTH tried not to tell anyone this one but hey as you know I have only One Gig so there is no option because the storage is full. It is time to empty the storage so that other things can be loaded.
    There is this general hand at our not so clean Masvingo General Hospital yes I mean General Hospital where all are taught the dangers of sleeping around and sleeping without protection.
    HOTH has been told about this woman, let's call her Lady Country because this is happening Munyika yashe Zimuto and near the place where the name of the country is derived from.
     Lady Country is married to this our very loyal Sgnt in the Zimbabwe Republic Police and based at Masvingo Central and resides in Rujeko together with Lady Country.
    She is also madly in love with a Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services officer who goes by the name of the late Vice President who came from Gutu (MHRIEP) yes this place of the famous Solo naMutsai.
    This is what pains HOTH most hence the need to spill the beans; our dear Sgnt lets call him Sgnt Falls is very loyal, obedient and unassuming in short he suspects nothing from his wife to the extent that she can go for two weeks claiming to be with her parents without our Sgnt suspecting anything.
    Kuita Mapope erudo chaiwo, baba angu diro iwe.
    Last month Lady Country excused herself in order to have a good time with another husband for two weeks nonstop, yes her second husband as she literally share them nonstop mai mwana. One, kuti two, kuti three, kuti four 'O'clock.
     She lied that she was going to visit her parents yet she was playing hide the sausage game with this ZPCS official with the name of the late VP, in Mucheke where everything happens in Masvingo even exam question papers can be found in the open market, Mucheke inocheka.
    This ZPCS officer was once madly in love with this mother of more children but she also dumped him or she was dumped when this General Hand came onto the scene, HOTH will definitely find out for you.
    After all my bosses pay me for that, keep your ears on the ground and HOTH will be the first with the news. Namanjenje kudai dzovuya nadzo news pronto.
    Here is the catch; our general hand Lady Country veMunyika yamambo Zimuto is now pregnant with the second child and HOTH has it on good authority that both men are claiming responsibility and she is in a dilemma as to who is responsible.
    Unopa ani mwana iyeye, komutupo, kosurname, hehede gore rino kumakwishu, who was the scorer between the two.
    Ndati who scored the winning goal tell me Lady Country.
    The prison officer is aware that he is married to a married woman but our loyal Sgnt at the Police station is not aware.
    Don't say we was not warned by HOTH for free.
    Deal with your messy Munyika munothlisa umu, carry your cross madam.
    I exit.gossip
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