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    Saturday, 17 December 2016

    Antelope Park owes Vungu RDC $21 000 in levies


    GWERU – Antelope Park, one of the best tourist attraction in the country and obviously the best in the Midlands Province has not been paying levies to Vungu Rural District Council (RDC) for the past two years, The Mirror has been told.
    Vungu RDC Chief Executive Officer Alex Magura told The Mirror that Antelope Park owes the local authority $21 000.
    "Antelope Park has not been paying levies for the past two years, they have paid nothing really despite our effort to engage them. The recreation park is supposed to remit $10 500 per annum as levy to council and their debt now stands at $21 000," said Magura
    Magura said new measures have been taken to ensure that Antelope honour its debt.
    "We have taken measures that l will not discuss but we will recover the money the Recreation owes council," said Magura.
    He also said that of recent Antelope Park management has written to the local authority asking for a reduction of their tax by 65 percent per annum.
    "Antelope Park management has since written to us asking that their tax be reduced from $10 500 to $4 000 per annum because they are no longer having good business as the number of visitors have gone down.
    Council has agreed to reduce the tax to $6 000 per year because while we understand that the economy is down, we also think that 65% reduction is unreasonable," said Magura
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