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    Friday, 11 November 2016

    Traditional courts closed this November


    MASVINGO – Most traditional courts in Masvingo have come to a standstill beginning November and no cases will be tried as this is considered a sacred month in Shona culture.
    Chief Mugabe who is one of the largest chiefs in Masvingo told The Mirror that he is not holding any courts until after November.
    He said he may only hold those that are urgent where failure to do so may have a threat to life.
    Chief Mugabe is in charge of a large area in Masvingo Rural District and that also covers the Great Zimbabwe Monuments.
    Chief Chitsa of Gutu also confirmed the same and said he was not hearing any cases in the month of November called Mbudzi in Shona.
    Chief Mugabe said the custom of stopping trials in November is just as old as the rocks.
    He said the month of November is a sacred month just like chisi (a sacred day which is set aside in every area which is a resting day for every one).
    "November is a sacred month, we were just told when we were growing up that no cultural rites must be perfomed during this month. The chief doesn't try cases in November, there is no specific reason why but it is just a respected month just like chisi ( traditional day set for resting) which is Wednesday in my area.
    "I personally think our elders took into cognisance the fact that November is a farming month so they wanted people to concentrate on farming. They set aside all other things and if you look even marriages are not solemnised in November," said Mugabe.
    He said that there were however, some deeply Christian chiefs who disregard this traditional norm.
    "There is no work without leave so November is just a month for chiefs to rest, I believe there is no chief who try his people in November," he said.
    He added that October 27 (Thursday) was his last day for trial and he will resume December.
    The Mirror also interviewed Chief Gadzingo and Chief Gutu who also said they don't do trials in November.
    Chief Gadzingo mentioned other chiefs in Gutu who do not do not hold courts in the same month and they are Nyamandi, Munyikwa, Munyaradzi, Chiwara ,Makore amongst all other chiefs in Gutu.
    In Mwenezi, Chiefs don't mind about the November months they continue with their trials.
    The Mirror interviewed Chief Neshuro' s secretary Pinias Shoko who is the chairperson of Mwenezi government who said they don't mind about the November month since their ancestors were not taking it as a sacred month.
    "We continue trying cases the whole of November its nothing to us our ancestors were just doing the same.
    Chiefs in Mwenezi like Chief Mawarire ,Maranda, Mazetese, Murove and Chitanga also continue with their  trials in November," said Shoko.
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