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    Friday, 11 November 2016

    National Prosecuting Authority decisions are void - Moyo


    MASVINGO – The Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Jonathan Moyo who is under fire for using Zimdef funds on projects that they are not intended for has some Government and State that are persecuting him are illegitimate as they are not properly constituted.
    He said in a Press statement on Monday that the acting Prosecutor General Ray Gova is not qualified to be in that position because of his alleged conviction in Namibia at one time.
    "Recent events in the country have put in plain sight the undesirability from other agencies and organisations of Government being seconded to institutions such as the NPA. Section 261 (3) of the constitution prohibits this.
    "The NPA therefore is improperly constituted to the extent of the participation of these officers who are active members of these organisations and have their allegiance to their parent organisations.
    "Taken together with the disqualification of Gova and the open factional capture which is ongoing, it is clear that the NPA is illegally constituted in violation of the Constitution thus rendering its decisions since Gova's appointment void abinitio," says Moyo.
    He says the fact that NPA and Zimbabwe Anticorruption Commission were working together to carry out investigations into abuse of ZimDef which he alleges to be unconstitutional means they had a hidden agenda.
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