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    Friday, 11 November 2016

    Mama Brigade wrecking marriages at the barracks

    FIRST things first I would like to apologise for my absence in the previous week. The situation was beyond my control even HOTH's bosses were disappointed.
    I heard nemabosses angu kuti Buhera is coming hot, hope you enjoyed that piece about garden and the wife cheater.
    I thought we had exposed enough of the goings on at the 4 Brigade barrack but hey, they don't stop.
    These women at this brigade seem to be competing for mischief, kuita makwikwi chaiwo.
    MaDube iwe! Manjenjenje! Woita zvinogara zvakadero paBrigade apo.
    HOTH was shocked with this big mama akaita saWinnie uyu wekwaMandela because she is well endowed with a good behind although she is over 45 years old.
    Vakabatana mai ivavo. Let's call her Madikizela.
    Some of you are beginning to know her, yes you know her she is very popular, asingazivi mai veDoca kuSavadha ndiani, I mean Savadha ravaSega or in short SDA Church.
    She is an SDA member and dons the popular green uniform for women and she is also known for giving loans just like Barclays Bank but hers comes with a usury of over 40% per month.
    NaSibanda kudai ndozvitaura ini, this woman retired from the Army last year and with the windfall she received for retirement she has started this business of giving out loans.
    Her husband works for signals and is a captain in the army in Bulawayo. Nhaka zvedu namaSibanda!
    This woman should be possessed because at her age she is going for the so called Ben10, tufana twekuArmy tuchangoroora tuya.
    Last week she brought her boyfriend this Colonel who works in Harare at the Paramilitary ava vemared berets and they booked at Mai Small Stomach's place. Asi munezvivindi.
    It is true HOTH saw them in the wee hours, Mr Small Stomach was not at home and his wife is in the habit of bringing boyfriends home.
    Nemwi masoja munonyanya kufambavo honai zvoita vakadzi venyu. They are dishing it out like there is no tomorrow.
    Colonel Langi from Harare enjoyed the forbidden fruit the whole night with Madikizela while the husband is in Bulawayo doing signals.
    Even the next door neighbours could not sleep with the amount of noise coming from Small Stomach's spare room, HOTH has it on good authority that work was done , pakashandwa basa ipapo!
    HOTH understands that she is also going out with this youthful soldier called Huchi, Huku or Hutu something like that, tuma Ben10 ndotwavoka and Hutu is about to divorce his wife because of Madikizela.
    But this woman never appreciates after getting lodgings from Small Stomach she goes behind her back and informs her husband about her boyfriends and HOTH is told she has since been sent packing. Booted out because of Madikizela who is loud mouthed.
    The obvious result is divorce, divorce hapana chimwe! Divorce! Madikizela you are Tsuku-kuviri type of snake, that one with two heads chaiyo.
    You have destroyed four marriages so far, musadaro vanhuwee!!!
    HOTH signs out for now!!! gossip
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