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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    ZHRC wants Army Capt investigated for rights abuse

    Dhowa implicated again


    – Police Detective Inspector Henry Dhowa who was sent back from a UN peace keeping mission in Kosovo for his bad human rights record when he still worked for the Law and Order Section in Harare, is wanted again after the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) recommended to Police that he be investigated for allegedly kidnapping and torturing an activist based in Chiredzi.
    According to a report in the hands of The Mirror, ZHRC want Police to investigate Dhowa and a senior Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) Captain, Faster Gono; both based in Chiredzi on a fresh case after they allegedly abducted and tortured Karibon Nyemba who is a trade union activist.
    ZHRC expressed grave concern that the Police failed to investigate one of its members Dhowa despite reports having been made against him. The ZHRC report also calls upon ZNA to investigate its Captain for being implicated in an abduction and torture case.
    ZHRC chairman Mugwadi said, "The report is true and we are yet to receive feedback from respondants which are Zimbabwe Republic Police and Zimbabbwe National Army on how they will implement our recommendations. The law is very clear that they are obliged to take action against the perpertrators".
    The recommendations for investigations against the two are contained in a report by ZHRC of complaint number ZHRC/CI0041/15 and the allegations are that Nyemba was kept in a small room naked, with no food, shots fired near his ears, assaulted and a piece of wood forced through his anus.
    The two are alleged to have tortured Nyemba on a politically motivated case.
    The allegations are that Nyemba was abducted in April 2015 when he disembarked from a public transport vehicle at Renco turn off by Captain Gono and Dhowa who allegedly took him to State House in Gono`s Mercedes Benz.
    The two allegedly instructed Nyemba to make a report to the effect that his brother Simba Nyemba who is former president of the Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Industry Workers' Union (ZISMIWU) and Admore Hwarare who was the secretary general were the culprits who set fire on the ZISMIWU offices in Chiredzi in a bid to destroy records. Nyemba was further instructed to say that his brother and allies were holding meetings with Dr Joice Mujuru and plotting to assassinate President Mugabe.
    At State house they met a senior named Government director who advised the two to release Nyemba. That director is then said to have given Nyemba some groceries.
    After leaving State House, allegations are that Nyemba was detained for a further three days at Captain Gono's house who is alleged to have threatened Nyemba and told him that he had a licence to kill.
    It is alleged that Nyemba was kept in a small room, naked and sometimes with no food during that period. His perpetrators would allegedly fire warning shots near Nyemba's ears, slap him and assault him with open fists. He was at one time hand and foot cuffed and was forcibly given pills at gunpoint which sedated him and perpetrators would force a piece of wood through his anus several times during this period.
    ZHRC launched investigations after a complaint was lodged by the MP of the area (Chiredzi West) Darlington Chiwa. At that time Nyemba had been reported missing but he allegedly sent a message from his phone to his brother Simba informing him of his predicament.
    The commissioners then interviewed witnesses and all people involved in the case until they compiled a report which was released last week. The report said that the failure by Police to act after several complaints from Simbarashe Nyemba shows that there is a superior power at work which the Police is afraid of.
    It also said that the case shows Police can at times act arbitrarily notwithstanding the demands of the law.
    "In light of the above findings, the ZHRC make the following recommendations; ZRP should investigate the issue of torture as alleged by complainant as well as the case of arson against the complainant and bring the perpetrators to book; ZRP should investigate Inspector Dhowa`s conduct and take disciplinary measures against him for not following standard procedures in executing his duties and for detaining the victim in a place not legally designated for detention. ZRP should guarantee and ensure the victim`s security upon return to his home in Chiredzi"
    "The Zimbabwe National Army should investigate and take disciplinary measures against Captain Gono for usurping the work of the police and illegally detaining the victim in an illegal place (his private residence which is not designated for detention)" reads part of the report.
    According to ZHRC report, "Detective Inspector Henry Dhowa has been implicated in several incidents of torture in the past, prior to his deployment as part of a UN peace-keeping force in Prizren, Kosovo. However no action was been taken against him for incidents perpetrated in 2002 before his departure nor upon his return. These allegations are regrettable as they suggest that the impunity enjoyed by Detective Inspector Henry Dhowa allows him to continue to perpetrate torture against those taken into custody at Harare Central Police Station".
    Police Spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba said, "How am I supposed to comment on a report that I did not see worse still never heard about the Inspector you are talking of. The fact is that I have not seen any report on that issue".
    The Army Spokesperson Lt Col Alphios Makotore could not be reached for comment up to the time of going to Press.top story news

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