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    Saturday, 29 October 2016

    ZCC desilting 10 major dams in Masvingo


    MASVINGO RURAL - The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) has embarked on a massive program to desilt at least 10 major dams in Masvingo Rural that have filled up with sand because of illegal settlements that are rampant in the district.
    The programme is being led by Masvingo North MP, Davis Marapira who is also the Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Irrigation and Mechanisation). Marapira negotiated for tippers, tractors, diesel and front end loaders from the church.
    The church will also be providing 5 000 litres of diesel for the project.
    The process has already started at Mara Dam where the place resembled a mining site last week as heavy trucks and tips moved in and out of the dam area loading away the sand.
    The process is expected to take four weeks.
    "We have negotiated with the Church and we got equipment to help in the desiltation of community dams which provide water for irrigation in the area.
    "Although these are results of lawlessness because of people who haphazardly resettle themselves upstream in grazing lands causing siltation of dams and rivers, we are left with no option but to find solutions to the problem and one of them is to embark on desiltation.
    "The exercise is costly because it requires 5 000 litres of diesel to complete and we approached the Church to assist with front end loaders, tippers and graders which the community don't have," said Marapira during the field visit.
    Mara Dam has the capacity to irrigate more than 200 hectares and can hold up to 200 000 cubic meters of water. Mbungo Dam capacity will be restored 192 000 to 500 000 cubic meters by the end of the program. Its wall will also be raised by three metres.
    "After Mbungo the program will go to Zishumbe Dam, Sanangwe, Pepure, Black Jesus farm, Guvajena in Zimuto in ward 1 and many other small dams," added Marapira.
    In other areas the irrigation schemes like Drumore, pipes have
    ZCC desilting 10 major dams in MasvingoAvailable at last-Also in stock NovatekStockfeed. Place your orders Now!!!63 Robertson Street.Masvingobeen completely submerged because of illegal settlers who are causing siltation of rivers and dams.
    Mara village representative Crispen Mufanebadza had no kind words for villagers upstream who are farming in grazing lands.
    "We are particularly unhappy with people from Shenjere area who have started farming in areas where our cattle graze, we will be happy if the village heads who are resettling people haphazardly are reprimanded because our cattle are now affected by lack of grazing land," said Mufanebadza who wa shaking with anger.agriculture news
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