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    Friday, 28 October 2016

    Zanu PF officials accuse each other of leaking info to The Mirror


    MASVINGO – Zanu PF officials traded accusations over leakages of accurate information from the party to The Mirror, the leading newspaper of the southern region.
    Berita Chikwama who is the Deputy Minister of Lands and Rural Resettlement accused some party officials of leaking information to the newspaper. She said the information included the goings-on at Tongaat Hulett, Politburo meetings and internal party issues.
    "I was shocked to read about Minister Mombeshora's secret flight to Chiredzi in The Mirror barely a day after he travelled there. Everything that we discuss in the party is always in The Mirror and I know what I am saying right now will be in The Mirror," said Chikwama to delegates at a Zanu PF provincial closed door meeting.
    She was quickly supported by the Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa who accused Chiredzi West MP, Darlington Chiwa of leaking information about her to The Mirror.
    "Chiwa watimupaperreMirror, eehee Mahofa wati chakati kupaper reMirror, you are not ashamed to go behind your elders denigrating them in the Press," said Mahofa.
    "It is disheartening that you read issues about the minister flying to Chiredzi and Politiburo minutes are splashed in The Mirror soon after the meeting and you wonder what type of party cadres we have who have no discipline.
    "I am one person who does not like to be always in the limelight because I know the consequences of publicity, I was advised not to rely too much on the Press by the late Zvinavashe although he was my political opponent. He shied away from publicity because the Press will one day destroy you.
    "Let me tell you The Mirror will never be your permanent friend, do your things quietly not to rush to the paper every time," said Chikwama.
    Chikwama however, almost contradicted herself and said The Mirror was a good newspaper and it was a publication from her home area and she cannot avoid coming out in that paper.
    She said these words when responding to a question raised by MP for Zaka North Robson Mavhenyengwa on the status of 228 beneficiaries of recent sugarcane plots allocations which have sparked demonstrations against Minister of Lands and Rural Development Douglas Mombeshora and Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Shuvai Ben Mahofa in Triangle recently.
    Chikwama told the gathering that the offer letters still stand until the Minister says otherwise.
    "Minister Mombeshora was tasked by the President to look into the Tongaat matter and find out whether it is protected by BIPPA or not and have a way forward but as we speak the beneficiaries can got ahead and do their farming on the allocated plots because the Minister has not withdrawn the offer letters.
    "Those who are organising demonstrations against Ministers are also demonstrating against the appointing authority because Minister Mahofa, Hungwe and Mombeshora are acting on his behalf with his full blessings.
    "I know what The Mirror is going to write on this matter, taakuiziva Mirror," said a fired up Chikwama.
    At that point Mahofa interjected and said MP for Chiredzi West Chiwa is the main culprit who always runs to The Mirror.
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