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    Friday, 28 October 2016

    Plumber mistakenly puts on girlfriend’s underpants

    YOU people from Nemamwa never cease to amaze HOTH, kana mobura munobura week in week out kuita se Highlanders which has been winning for the past seven games on the bounce.
    HOTH had decided to go for this Lab in Masvingo town ipo paseri pemaBoss angu apa, where the hide the sausage game is played everyday by this well built African woman with big assets ehe vane zvinhu zvavo maivavo, muchaputsa maspatula emulab nemasamples emapatients manakigwa. Chi heavy heavy chikakudubuka kutingondongondo nemanhede.
    Anyway HOTH had a change of mind after stumbling on this one. We will deal with the Labman some other day, let's concentrate on the Growth Point that never ceases to amaze HOTH.
    There is this popular plumber from our Growth Point of choice paNemamwa apa uyuzve uyu who does his plumbing jobs during the day,Masikati chaiwo rakachekanyika.
    You would think he is into plumbing only, but hey he goes for his wife's friend, shamwari yamadam vake here chaivochaivo, kuti karamata kushayanyadzi Masikati machena.
    Don't pretend as if you don't know this guy anopfekahovhorosi reblue in most cases achiita plumbing dzake Masikati. Baba angu dede iwe humbou!
    The story goes like this, last week our afternoon plumber as usual puts on his blue overalls and heads for the Growth Point for jobbing in residents' houses that would have blocked their sewer system and those putting up new structures in the sprawling Growth Point.
    Instead of going home after a hard day's work he goes straight to his wife's friend's house to enjoy the forbidden fruit.
    It is said that day basarakabatwa kusvika mai vapopota and luck ran out on Mr Plumber on that night as after plumbing the wife's friend he wears the wrong underwear.
    Baba vangu Shava iwe murombo haarovi chine nguvo, sure how can you take your girlfriend's undergarment thinking that it was yours.
    Semunhu aiva nehurry hurry he could not distinguish between his underwear and that of a lady's, akangomanya kupfeka kuitira kusvika kuden nhambo dziripo.
    After finishing what he was doing Mr Plumber rushes back home as if from the bar pretending to be drunk, nyahwa nyahwa achinyahwaira kupinda pambaso that madam havabvunzi pfuma yavo.
    Mr Plumber decides to go for a bath before retiring to bed and as fate would have it the wife decides to use the toilet.
    She works up and besides the bed is a heap of clothes left after her husband undressed, and there was a woman's pants.
    He was really caught pants down literally they were down down hedu!
    The underwear is similar to hers in colour and size because they were bought on the same day in the same shop.
    Semabhururu vanongotenga twakafananaka so there is nothing sinister about these underwears but what is funny is how come Mr Plumber is wearing the garment, hero basa mai vangu Chiheraiwe!
    The wife was left without any doubt as to what had happened.
    To say that there was commotion and pandemonium would be an understatement because pakaita batai batai, wanonga rake wanonga rake.
    There was free drama as residents gathered to see friend turning against friend the wife took the underwear to her friend's doorstep literally displaying for all to see as she briskly walked to her friend's residence.
    When she got there she found her husband's underwear tucked deep into the blankets a sign that it was removed in a hurry and basa rakashandwa zvekurasha bhurugwa mumaguza chaiko, rakaposa rashaikwa muma sheets.
    Raiva zasi kumakumbo komene.
    There is a rumour going round that despite Mr Plumber's shenanigans he is not the father of the child of his wife number two whom he is staying with.
    Bambo endai kumapaternity tests acheaperikezvino, only $300 bugs you clear the air and you are home and dry.
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