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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Mwenezi Ward 1 residents angry for falling under Chivi

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    Residents of the Shangaan dominated Ward 1 in Mwenezi are angry that they pay rates to Mwenezi Rural District Council but when they vote for an MP they fall into Chivi South Constituency.
    They said such an arrangement has left them confused when it comes to participating in developmental projects. Sources said these residents could have been moved over to Chivi as a punishment because Zanu PF has never won an election in the Chitanga area.
    They also claimed that they have never seen the incumbent Chivi South MP Mafios Utete since the last election of 2013.
    Chief Chitanga, born Feleni Chauke confirmed the arrangement and said the people belong to Chivi South Constituency but they are paying rates and doing some projects in Mwenezi District.
    "I can confirm that the people in Ward 1, Mwenezi District fall under Chivi South Constituency due to the boundaries that were set recently, but these people pay all their rates to Mwenezi District," he said.
    "Our biggest problem here is that, we were forced to join Chivi South Constituency, and as such, we are failing to do developmental projects here in Mwenezi. We are also confused because since we voted for the Chivi South MP, we have not seen him coming back to us meaning to say we are not his people. If this problem is not resolved, we will not vote again in the coming elections," fumed a group representing the residents in an interview with The Mirror recently.
    Mwenezi District Administrator Rosemary Chingwe accused the residents of being 'stubbon', as they know where exactly they belong to.
    She said that the ward fell under Mwenezi's boundary with Chivi and whoever wanted to be in Chivi constituency should cross Runde River and get settled there.
    "The area is along the Mwenezi's boundary with Chivi and there is no way they can be forced to be under Chivi," she said.local news
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