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    Friday, 28 October 2016

    Mirror correspondent publishes book on women abuse


    MASVINGO - Mirror corrrespondent based in Gutu has written a book that chronicles the abuse of women during the liberation war and post Independence in different foras.
    The novel is entitled 'From Prison to Prison, The Sorrows of Zimbabwean Women'. This is his first book to be published although he has written many other books from the time he was doing Form 3 at Hama High School in the Midlands.
    The novel was published in September this year on e-book Amazon.
    The novel tells a story of different women who were raped, victimised and impregnated by liberation war fighters during the protracted war of Independence, who themselves were ironically fighting for the emancipation of the majority.
    The novel also looks at the off springs as a result of the abuse of the women during the war and after Independence and situation that the mothers find themselves in, where in most cases they are still living in poverty.
    It also captures the victimisation of women after Independence where they are forced to get into relationships with the politicians who hold higher offices for certain favours which sometimes do not come and they end up in poverty as they have to look after the children born out of such situations.
    The novel also delves into the abuse of women in male dominated entertainment groups at political rallies where they end with unplanned babies whose fathers then refuse to take responsibility.
    Ngugama is a holder of Master's degree in Media Studies with Midlands State University; BA honours English and Media Studies at Great Zimbabwe, Executive Project Management at University of Zimbabwe and post grad diploma in Education at Zimbabwe Open University.
    He is also penning another book which is planned to be published in 2017.
     "If I don`t write, I don`t sleep and this motivates me. I think a lot before I write to the extent that my wife complains because I take a lot of time thinking of my books," said Ngugama.
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