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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Mhandamabwe businessman implicated in murder case


    CHIVI –
    Two men who were on a mission arranged by a prominent Chivi businessman Rangarirai Chikozho to establish the whereabouts of his missing daughter have been arrested after they allegedly murdered the elder brother of the man they accused of eloping with the businessman's daughter.
    Henry Marufu (22) was fatally assaulted by Tundidzai Mukwasha and Tavonga Marufu both aged 24 at midnight on Saturday at Mhandamabwe Business Centre.
    According to Police reports the murder occurred in the presence of Chikozho who was at the time interrogating Isaac Masarakufa whom he accused of proposing love to his daughter Lisa Chikozho (18).
    Chikozho runs a number of shops at Mhandamabwe Business Centre including a butchery, a shop and a commuter ominibus.
    According to a Police report, the two accused visited the home of the now deceased which is located in a suburb at Mhandamabwe on Friday last week intending to question his brother on the whereabouts of Chikozho's daughter.
    They actually entered the house where the deceased and his brother Masarakufa were sleeping and warned Masarakufa that it was going to be tough for him to continue staying at Mhandamabwe because he had proposed love to Lisa. They also allegedly said that Chikozho had bought them beer so that they assault Masarakufa.
    The two only left the house after one of the occupants, Spiwe Rera woke up and told them to leave the house because they were making noise.
    The Police report indicates that the two returned on Saturday last week and this time they were in the company of Chikozho. They again arrived at the house at around midnight and Chikozho pulled Masarakufa out of the blankets and took him outside saying that he wanted to discuss with him the issue of his missing daughter.
    Tawonga one of the accused was allegedly holding a piece of wire in his hands as they collected Masarakufa. Chikozho headed Masarakufa off towards his bottle store at the business centre while the two accused followed behind him.
    It is then that the deceased also followed behind as he expressed concern at the safety of his brother and wanted to see what the three were going to do to him.
    The two accused warned him to go back home but he would not leave as he continued to trail the three. At one time, one of the accused allegedly attempted to hit Marufu with a stone.
    When they arrived behind Chikozho's bottle store, the two accused allegedly got hold of Masarakufa and tripped him to the ground but were restrained from assaulting him by Chikozho.
    Chikozho then took Masarakufa aside as he intended to discuss the issue of Lisa with him. As he did so, he left the two accused with the deceased and it was then that one of the accused Tawonga struck the deceased in the abdomen with a wire before Mukwasha took a log and hit the deceased with it once on the head.
    The deceased fell to the ground and the two ran away. Chikozho and two other men drove the deceased to Chivi General Hospital where he died on arrival.
    Police recovered one of the accused's sandals at the scene and the log that was used to hit the deceased.crime news
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