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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Gweru butcher found with stolen meat at roadblock


    MVUMA -
    A man from Mavise near Mvuma was caught by Police along Mvuma- Gweru Road with a car loaded with meat from a stolen cow.
    Lovemore Jari (50) who is into buying and selling cattle and rents a butchery in Mkoba 19, Gweru was sentenced to 10 years in jail by Gweru magistrate Tayengwa Chibanda for stock theft.
    He was charged alongside Seaview Mashayamombe (52) who was an accomplice in that he drove a pirate taxi that ferried the meat
     rom Mvuma to Gweru. Mashayamombe was slapped with a one-year sentence.
    Bernard Nyoni representing the State said, "On September 20, 2016 at Mavise village Mvuma the accused persons hatched a plan to steal Kennedy Musamanyi (the complainant)'s cow whilst it was out grazing unattended. They slaughtered, skinned and loaded the cow into a Honda Fit vehicle registration number ADM 2007 driven by Mashayamombe.
    "They then left Mavise village heading in the direction of Gweru along the Mvuma/
    Gweru Road." Upon arrival at the 50km peg Mvuma Gweru Road at around 1am on September 21, 2016 the accused persons encountered a Police roadblock and upon being ordered to stop they sped on in the direction of Gweru.
    Police officers gave a chase.
    During the pursuit the accused person's vehicle developed a tyre puncture. Mashayamombe brought the car to a halt exited the car and fled on foot. Jari was arrested there and the vehicle was searched leading to the recovery of a cow's whole carcass, a different vehicle's rear number plate (reg number
    ABZ 7320).
    The court heard that, upon being interviewed as to the origins of the cow's carcass Jari failed to satisfactorily account for its origin, he also had no Police clearance and no veterinary services stock movement permit.
    Mashayamombe was subsequently arrested on the same day and he also failed to adequately account for the origin of the cow's carcass.
    Further investigations done led to Jari's residence which was searched leading to the recovery of a further 10kgs of meat being sundried, a blood stained animal tying rope, a cow's foetus in a blair toilet and a stock card in Jari's name which was written that he was the owner of only two oxen yet he was found in possession of a cow's carcass. The value of the stolen cow is approximately
    US$500-00 and all the meat was recovered.
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