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    Sunday, 16 October 2016

    Corporal punishment; Gokwe man whips nephew (7) to death


    - Bulawayo High Court judge Maxwell Takuva sitting at Gweru has sentenced a Gokwe man to seven years in prison after the accused whipped a
    nephew (7) to death for allowing some cattle to stray into a neighbor's filed.
    The boy, Kudakwashe Khumalo suffered a fractured skull. Wiriranai Gobola from Gokwe North, Kadzviti Village, Chief Chireya who was 29 at the time denied the murder charges and pleaded guilty to culpable homicide because he said he did not intend to kill the deceased, Khumalo.
    Through his lawyer he said that he was only reprimanding his nephew. "A postmortem conducted by Dr. Yamambo Kabamdaa at Gokwe Hospital
    showed that the deceased's remains had two depressions on the occiput,
    several small wounds on the vertex and two large wounds on the occiput. The
    doctor concluded that the cause of death was skull fracture," read the summary of facts.
    The judge said Gobola was to be punished for his negligence when he was
    chastising the deceased. He said it will send the message to the community that
    they must be careful when reprimanding minors. He said a deterrent imprisonment term for the accused would be a lesson for some parents and guardians out there.
    Gobola was sentenced to seven years, two years suspended for five years he
    did not repeat the same offence. "The deceased stayed with the accused
    in the same homestead during his life time. He was seven years when he met his death. On March 21, 2010 in the morning, the deceased went to herd cattle
    in the grazing fields. In the process one of the beasts strayed into Clever Kadzviti's fields and destroyed some maize crops. As a result Kadzviti drove
    the stray beast to Gobola's home and advised him of the damage it had caused.
    Gobola then followed the deceased to the grazing fields. On arrival there he
    armed himself with a Mopani stick and started assaulting the deceased with it on
    the head and all over the body several times. The deceased fell unconscious as
    a result.
    Upon realizing that the deceased had fallen unconscious, he called his young
    brother, Abiot Gobola who responded swiftly and carried the deceased in his
    arms home. Meanwhile the accused remained herding the cattle. Soon after
    arriving home the deceased died and a report was made to the Police, resulting
    in the accused's arrest and deceased being ferried to Gokwe General Hospital
    Shumba Mirirai represented the State.local news
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