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    Saturday, 1 October 2016

    Brother thump Cop for dating their widow mother

    I THOUGHT it's very very clear!
    If a man dies, vana hatipfuugwi nemarokwe must wait until after a year. Oh yes leave the widow alone until we unveil the tombstone.
    The rationale for this is simple, the deceased man is still around, he is earthly and looking after his property until tarova guva. He is still so much human and that's why dzimwe nguva muchinzwa zvonzi munhu akafa takamuoona achifudza mombe dzake, oh yes its true.
    Hoth is not saying he saw one deceased actually herding his beasts, NO but we have many of these stories making the rounds kuma Gum Tree kwedu kuno. We have people who have seen it live. They did not see silhouettes, they saw the deceased men.
    A dead man remains on earth until after a year, oh yes 12 calendar months and the stone unveiling of course. He still needs time with his wife please!!!!
    Wegona Chitova!!
    So don't tamper with a deceased African man's wife until the stone unveiling is done. After stone unveiling, we know for sure that the deceased is now a spirit. He is gone, he is out of this world. Kkkkk unenge wava mudzimu kwaaa kamudzimu!
    So there is this member of the Criminal Investigation Department; oh yes aya mamember anofamba asina uniform achifunga kuti akangwara aya. Oh yes I mean these men who when they put in suits, they wear those cheap and glittering ones. Yes nylon suits!
    If you see someone wearing a nylon suit chances are 60% it's a See Eye Dee; 30% See Eye OooH and 10% vendor kwaa nhaka zvangu Chasura!
     Ko mari inobvepi, naiwo mabond ari kuuya aya? Kkkkkk!
    Eish Zaka rinopisa!
    This CID at Zaka saw an opportunity for free beer, a bit of pocket money, some little groceries of course provided he gave services to this widow at the growth point. Oh yes services!
    Call this See Eye Dee (SED) Ma Styles, that's more like his name. Oh yes, he has many styles and you can ask this widow. And call the widow, Mrs Orphans because she was left with many orphans to look after.
    So Ma Styles got hooked to Mrs Orphans who has several shops at Jerera. They would sleep in one shop or another to avoid the grown-up sons.
    Asi Ma Styles Takarasima nechirikadzi yavanhu idzo mvana dzakangoti yaka-yaka nyika yose!
    It was only one day that the boys had a beer with a traditional healer in the area; oh yes this mischievous n'anga told the boys that their mother was making their father angry by sleeping with another man when he, the father was still around.
     The boys set a trap and waited until the CID sneaked into one of the shops with their mother.
    Pakabongodzwa munhu!
    Kuti kudii? Pa... pababa vedu. You don't respect our father, Kwaaa, the man was beaten out of hell.
    Whether the stone is unveiled or not, we don't want to see you near our mother.
    Ma Styles ran through the night at Jerera half-naked.
    Ehezve, mirirai gore vakomana!  Kana nemi vana mai mirirai gorevo futi. Yambonyanyodiiko nhomba yacho?
    Kuri sei Zaka, uko dzakadiiko nherera? Kwaa!
    How are you Beauty?
    Nhaka zvangu!!!
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