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    Saturday, 24 September 2016

    Zivhu launches water melon project


    - Chivi Rural District Council Chairman (CRDC), Killer Zivhu has launched a project for more than 500 villagers from different villages in Chivi aimed at producing water melons for both local and foreign markets.
    He said that he was particularly interested in producing off-season water melons when the market will be starved of the crop because Chivi is a hot area conducive to the production anytime.
    The project was launched at Zivhu's homestead about seven kilometres from Ngundu Growth Point. The project which is aligned to ZimAsset is set to benefit more than 500 households in Chivi South district, confirmed Zivhu.
    "Due to economic hardship affecting the country and severe recurrent drought in Chivi, I have decided to introduce this water melons project and its set to benefit more than 500 households in this district. The parents will be able to raise fees for their children and also improve their diet. It is also a point to note that the project is aligned and supports ZimAsset blueprint."
    The production of water melons is conducive to dry season as the crop requires a lot of sun and also do not affect the farming season of the farmers.
    "The farming of the crop is conducive to this dry season as the crop requires a lot of sun. The other thing is that this project cannot affect your time of farming mostly in rainy season," said Zivhu.
    Zivhu is set to buy the seedling of the crop in South Africa which he will give to households involved in the project.
    Zivhu promised villagers that he was going to look for the market for the water melons.
    Villagers are also set to receive plastic water tanks which carry from 70-100 litres and these will be used to fetch water for watering the plant. He has already drilled two boreholes at his homestead where villagers would fetch the water from.
    "The villagers will receive plastic water tanks which they will use to fetch water for watering their crops. As for now I have drilled two boreholes and the other two are still in progress," said Zivhu.
    At the same occasion, Zivhu donated four tonnes of mealie –meal to villagers in Gomana, Chikwaku, Imbayago, Museva to alleviate hunger in the area.
    He thanked the First Lady Grace Mugabe for donating school uniforms, jerseys and shoes to pupils at Zunga Primary School.business news
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