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    Sunday, 18 September 2016

    Zaka village head lists entire family for food aid


    – Zaka Assistant District Administrator, Victor Zinanga had to intervene to stop Gwanya Village head, Phidelis Gwanya from having his five children who are all working in high paying jobs registered for food aid that had been offered for six people in each village by a non-governmental organisation.
    Peter Imbayago, the councillor for Ward 19 confirmed the intervention and said it came after villagers had raised alarm. Care had offered to give six of the most vulnerable people in each village food aid and that is when Gwanya who is under Chief Ndaka in Zaka allegedly submitted the names of his children and relatives who are Leornard Gwanya, a teacher at Muchechetere Primary in Zaka, Ignatius Gwanya who is an Agritex worker in Ward 19, Phidelis Gwanya who is a Police officer based in Harare and his two sisters Epiphania and Clara Gwanya. The matter came to light when villagers wrote an anonymous letter to the District Administrator complaining about the village head's conduct.
    Peter Imbayago the ward councillor, Zinanga, CARE officials and officers from the Social Welfare Department teamed up and confronted Gwanya to solve the problem.
     "Yes I can confirm that villagers from Gwanya area lodged a complaint against the village head after he registered his children and sisters for food aid.
    "We teamed up with the assistant DA and CARE officials and we deregistered them and added the most vulnerable in the village and they are awaiting their rations which are coming any time from now," said Imbayago.
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