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    Sunday, 18 September 2016

    Stop the corruption in our courts

    EDITOR - Allow me through your widely read paper to draw attention to the rot that is gutting our justice system and threatens to wreak immeasurable damage on our Statehood.
    It is imperative that the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) together with the Judiciary Service Commission (JSC) take immediate action and stop the pervasive corruption that is hijacking the justice system. We all know this is a sector which should be impeccable and operate in a manner beyond reproach in order to achieve its mandated objective.
    But what is currently unfolding right before the gaze of a very worried public but tactfully out of sight of the powers that be is a tragedy too horrific to contemplate or envisage any public official sworn to the upkeep of justice perpetrate.
    The facts are that public prosecutors have now assigned themselves the power to arrest, investigate, prosecute and convict as they manipulate the justice system with money changing hands from the accused to the public prosecutors, lawyers and magistrates to ensure that a desired decision is reached whatever the facts maybe.
    In this way it has become impossible for our courts, which should be the impregnable pillar of impartiality for all seeking to see justice done despite their station in life or material wealth, to deliver this essential service.
    In view of this most disturbing development which has now become institutionalized in our courts I urgently recommend the NPA and JSC to immediately intervene and send all public prosecutors and magistrates on transfer to new stations randomly picked to try and stop this despicable perversity which is causing such indescribable anguish to our people.
    - H M Muchonjinjo, Chiredzi
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