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    Saturday, 10 September 2016

    Sisk’s Car Security operator beds two Ecocash women

    HELLOOO uko kwaSisi, kwaSisiki or KwanaSisi Karo uku naana bhudhi Givhi.
    Car park ecocash, car park ecocash, zvichidaro. Moyondizvo ka kukaka matende pamaEcocash.
    I mean our brother who owns this other car park at the biggest shopping centre in the oldest township in Masvingo, Give it to him he is good at snatching Ecocash women thanks to Strive Masiyiwa.
    HamungaMutange panyaya idzodzo. Yaa HOTH was on his way to the Gumtrees where I am back because the weather is now conducive to stay there when I passed through Sisk ndikavona mashura mudunhu.
    Baba angu ngara iwe, maposa.
    Yes I saw it myself yes muserefu mukoma veCar Park/Ecocashwoniser together with this Ecocash sister perched in his white Costa or Corsa number plate yacho BUA or ABU HOTH was not too close to take the correct number but there is 8086 or something like that.
    The car was parked right in front of the Ecocash booth and things were burning in this not so new car of our brother who lies to the wife that he will be directing things at the car park before he comes home late.
    The truth is he will be directing his sausage into sister Kero's forbidden fruit shaped like … the famous African Chewing Gum, ehe kununa kunge Dohwe/Matohwe.
    Pakadiiko paAlliance church sister Kero.
    Kokwai haMutangike kuAFM uku mukoma Car park and with your small body unongoti pfee muCorsa but I am not sure with the sister whether she fits in because she is quite big, iko kutsvuka kunge nhengeni, lightening skin lotions!!
    How is this dark one and short at this other Ecocash yekuseri you take everthing vese vese, Ese or ESli hameno who normally has miscarriages, haa zvinowanikwa, tichakutii mukoma maEcocashwomaniser sezvo madai kuvapedza vose vepaSisk.
    But Mr Ecocash womaniser you have no mercy eish! Munhu akabva kuita miscarriage yenhumbu youyuyu wepa Teachers college iwe naye muEcocash nemu cara park mu Ecocash mangwana muCar Park ii usdaro musana ungasa dambuka amuna wee.
    But what is wrong with Eli you always have miscarriages whenever you change boyfriends chii nhai.
    Musi wamuchabatwa na Fourchu uyu achangobva kunyengwa na Ecocashwomaniser ndipo pamuchaziva kuti hamuna kungwara.
    Ichi chitema chivhindikiti chine nhumbu yake chiri pateachers' college ndechake futi uyu mutsvuku ndewake, hey wese wese here?
    Nhaka zvedu tohwirira naGushungo kudai.  
    The truth of the matter Mr Womaniser is you are not using protection considering the number of woman you have impregnated at the business centre.
    Naivo vakadzi vach vanazvoo kuda zvinhu too much muchafira muhari.
    Be careful young man HOTH is warning you free of charge!!gossip
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