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    Saturday, 24 September 2016

    Policeman snatches polopolo lecturer

    FIRST things first, my sincere apologies for your favourite column's absence this was due to circumstances beyond my control, remember I am also human and don't forget the weather at the gum trees sometimes is not that favourable.
    Enough of that, let's quickly go into the business of the day. Ehe my favourite subject dzerudo idzi.
    Who said a Policewoman cannot charm a Head of Department, I mean a whole HOD from a local college falling for a mere constable, just a constable asina kana rank zvayo, falling head over hills kutosiya mai Tombikwa kutitakarasimana Constable.
    Hee uniform yechipurisa haisi attractive ask this our lecturer and he will tell you everything because the man sang the proverbial manangakutapira after constable Y977589 charmed him lights out and they are almost staying together like husband and wife now.
    Yaa, this college panomboitwa zveKupfuwa pfuwa zvakawanda wanda nana Fadzaiva Chihomurahomura.
    Let me briefly describe this lecturer so that you can easily identify him and when you see him next time standing near your Policewoman girlfriend you know you are finished.
    He drives blue Mercedes Benz which he bought using proceeds from a foundation run by the family.
    He puts on spectacles and by the way his father is a Pastor in the Anglican Church ye I mean Anglican Church at this Parish in Queue and teaches those who want to play around with designs and brushes.
    Sekuru vangu Dzivaiwe, he also likes caps as well.
    And the girlfriend is a Policewoman at the Central Police Station in town and stays in Clipsham away from the madding crowd of Masvingo so that when the sheets begin to make noise no one will here.
    The Police sister should thank her gods because the wife of the lecturer is an angel because last Friday when you bumped into each other she could have made mince meat out of you.
    HOTH is reliably informed that maivakafamba nebani haikona when the wife suddenly appeared without notice from Queque where the family is based.
    After parking the Merceds Benz just adjacent to the college bus Quewifey suddenly appeared baba angu shumba iwe pakaita batai batai.
    The paper bag that had some groceries for the Policewoman was thrown away in huff and all the contents were everywhere for everyone to see.
    Our sister husband snatcher with two kids of her own ran for dear life and only came back after the crowd had disappeared or shall we say students from the college who had gathered for a free drama.
    Beitbridge watch out, next week HOTH is going to South Africa so he will pass through the border town and sniff around for a hoty one.gossip
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