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    Sunday, 18 September 2016

    Mahofa denigrates Zivhu again


    – Former buddies, Dr Killer Zivhu and Shuvai Mahofa seem to be drifting apart each day with their latest spat coming last Saturday when Mahofa insinuated the Chivi Rural District Council chairman was a liar.
    Mahofa is the Minister of State for Masvingo and a politburo member while Zivhu is the provincial treasurer for Zanu PF and chairman of Chivi Rural District Council.
    Last Sunday, Mahofa raised questions during a Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting on the availability of 45 beasts that Zivhu pledged to donate to the Zanu PF annual conference that will be held at Masvingo Show Grounds in December.
    Mahofa cautioned the delegates at the meeting not to relax and depend on the pledge. Zivhu who is also the chairman of the finance committee for the December conference was not at the meeting.
    The PCC meeting was held at Victoria Primary School in Masvingo.
    "Hatiregei kuita zvedambe neconference iyi, this is something serious and we want people who are serious, where is the finance committee chairman? He should not abscond such an important meeting if he is serious, even if munhu akarwarirwa ngaauye kumusangano…these are the type of people who promise 50 beasts only to bring seven on the day of the ceremony torega kuita basa tichiti tine zvinhu tozonyara musi wemutambo," said Mahofa referring to Zivhu.
    However, Paul Mangwana and Josiah Hungwe quickly came to the defence of Zivhu and said that Zivhu was a man who made pledges to the party before and fulfilled them.
    Zivhu has literally been a major Zanu PF sponsor both at national and provincial level. He made huge donations to party meetings and recently got a philanthropy doctorate because of his work where he assisted needy orphans, elderly people and sent people overseas for treatment of chronic diseases like heart and kidney problems.
    He is one of the biggest supporters of the Government's ZIMASSET economic blue print running thousands of dollars worth of projects in rural Chivi.
    The fallout between Zivhu and Mahofa is surprising for people who come from the same district and have been close buddies for years.
    Zivhu declined to comment on the matter when The Mirror called him.
    Mahofa's outburst came when the president of the Chiefs Council, Fortune Charumbira asked for clarification as to the actual number of cattle the province had secured for the conference.
    "The committee chairman here has told us that there are 45 cattle from Mwenezi while the other day Zivhu told the meeting at the Show Ground that he will donate 45 cattle, does this mean we have 90 cattle for the conference? Which is which, can we have a clear position," said Charumbira.
    Mahofa quickly interjected and said people should desist from making empty promises.
    Zivhu and Mahofa clashed again in June this year when Zivhu sought clarification on who had power between Mahofa and Jeppy Jaboon.
    Mahofa reacted angrily and banished Zivhu from ever setting his foot either at her house or at office.
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