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    Thursday, 15 September 2016

    Kasukuwere to investigate River Valley Properties


    GWERU –
    Council must take necessary action against River Valley Properties to ensure that servicing of stands at its Woodlands Project in Gweru is in accordance with standards and requirements, the Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing, Saviour Kasukuwere has said.
    Gweru City Council has refused to commission 3 000 River Valley stands because the project was allegedly not inspected by either the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) or the local authority from start to end.
    Kasukuwere who came in full support of council position said in an interview with The Mirror that River Valley was not going to be exempted from meeting the required standards even when some stand owners have already build structures on their land.
    Gweru City Council engineer Robson Manatsa and EMA Manager Milton Muusha told The Mirror last week that River Valley which is one of the biggest property developers in Gweru serviced 6 000 stands in the city without following procedure, approval and clearance from the two authorities.
    The other 3000 have already been commissioned on humanitarian grounds.
    As a result there are fears that the servicing is below standards and Engineer Manatsa has declared he was not going to connect the housing project to the city's water and sewer system until all necessary inspections are made.
    The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Saviour Kasukuwere said substandard servicing of stands will have serious negative effects on the city, the house owners and council itself.
    He said that his Ministry was not going to condone any such work and he undertook to investigate the issue.
    "I am not aware of the situation in Gweru but my general comment is that housing developers should have their work done to perfection because if they do not do that residents will suffer. Environmental Management laws must also be followed by every housing developer.
    "I will make investigations into allegations being raised against River Valley," said Kasukuwere.
    Smelly Dube, the River Valley Properties Director insisted that everything was in order and the project has been handed over to the City Council. However, the town engineer dismissed the claims and said he was getting River Valley project plans for the first time last week.
    The Midlands Provincial Administrator Cecilia Chitiyo said River Valley Properties should account for the process.
    "I am not well versed with all stipulations which have to be followed by land developers because it's the duty of physical planning but what l am aware of is that when a developer starts a project they should be given a certificate by EMA.
    "I am also aware that the developers should submit plans to council for instance when they start doing their roads, when they move to sewer and all the stages must be assessed and passed before the project goes to the next level.
    "So if you are saying that River Valley did not supply council with its paperwork until the project was completed they should be answerable for their action.
    "If River Valley did not have its roads or sewer assessed, there is real danger that there is substandard work," said Chitiyo
    She warned council that by allowing substandard work to pass, the local authority was creating serious problems for itself and the residents.
    "If servicing is not done properly it will affect residents or council itself because who will want to pay to council when a refuse collection truck cannot collect refuse because it cannot reach their houses because of narrow roads?" asked Chitiyo
    The Urban Councils require that land developers submit all the paperwork from maps to designs so that whatever is done for instance the sewer meets standard population of the area. The road making should also meet council standards. It also stipulates that designs of a project should be approved by council before any developments are done and failure to do so is breaking the law.
    There are allegations that sewerage is not properly done to the extent that sewer flows backwards and EMA said the residential stands are built by a dumpsite.local news top story
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