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    Saturday, 10 September 2016

    Jewish doctors treat 8 000 in Masvingo


    – More than 8 000 people turned up at Chamakondo Clinic under Chief Shumba in Masvingo Rural and were given free treatment for various medical ailments by doctors under an organisation called the Jewish Voice Ministry International from United Kingdom.
    The group of medical practitioners with 55 members, 11 of them doctors was camped at the clinic from Sunday August 21, to Friday August 26, 2016 and among them were dentists, general medical doctors, paediatric doctors and eye doctors providing reading glasses for people who were 35 years and above.
    The Jewish doctors were helped by Zimbabwean doctors from Harare and Bulawayo and nurses who were chosen from different districts by the District Administrator.
    Chief Shumba was the first to be treated for an eye ailment.
    "I'm very happy that I got my tooth extracted. It was not painful at all, remember it costs around $40 to get one's tooth extracted but this was done on me all for free. I initially didn't believe that there could be such a programme but here we are, I am very happy these are good people," said Tapiwa Chinamatira .
    A lot of people were going to the dental department, said dental department director Nati Berhanu,dds.
    "A lot of people are coming to get their teeth extracted and cleaned, we have been busy since Sunday we are doing a great job," he said.
    The Jewish Voice Ministry International has been treating people in Zimbabwe since 2012 and this was the tenth time around and the first time in Masvingo Rural District.
    They have been to Mberengwa, Buhera and Gutu before they came to Masvingo.
    The Mirror interviewed Ezra Watnik the director of Jewish Voice Ministry International who said they came to help the people in Zimbabwe because there are some people who are followers of the Jewish religion which he referred to as 'Lamber Tribe'. He said although the purpose was to help a specific group, the Ministry did not discriminate, it gave medical treatment to everyone else who came.
    Watnik added that the treatment programme is carried out in Zimbabwe, India, Ethiopia and Ukraine.
    He said the first and second day were not successful as just a few people turned up.
    "We came here and set up our equipment on Saturday and Sunday we started treating people who came in small numbers because they did not believe us but on Tuesday people started coming in thousands and we had 7 400 treated towards the close of the programme.
    "We are happy that people are coming and we hope we will be able to help them all," said Watnik.
    After getting treatment those who were willing would go for water hygiene education and prayer session.
    Jenifer Dillavous who was in the prayer section said, those who are willing to join the prayer section will come and they will talk about their problems and they would be prayed for.
    The organisation promised to come back in 2017 if the Government clears them.
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