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    Saturday, 10 September 2016

    Hungry Mwenezi villagers resort to baboon meat

    SYDNEY MUBAIWA                                    

    – A rare form of poaching has emerged in Mwenezi, one of the driest districts of Zimbabwe with villagers now going after baboons for their meat.
    A National Parks official who declined to be named said that poaching of baboons has become rampant and they were struggling to contain poachers.
    There is also suspicion that the poachers are selling baboon meat to unsuspecting people.
    "We are experiencing a rare form of poaching here; this is our first time to realise that people eat baboon meat. They are forced to do so because many people are facing starvation due to this year's devastating drought", he said
    National Parks and wildlife spokesperson, Caroline Washaya-Moyo said she was out of the country when contacted for a comment.
    Game ranchers said villagers were hunting down animals that are easy to trap like baboons and the ranchers have come across many baboon hides and skulls abandoned in the reserves after villagers had carried away the meat.
    They expressed concern over the decimation of the baboon population in the district and added that baboons were the only animals left in meaningful numbers after many other animals were hunted down after the fast track land reform programme in 2 000.
    A villager from chief Negari, Admire Mukono said they were struggling to make ends meet and as a corrective measure, villagers have resorted to game meat to sell.
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