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    Sunday, 18 September 2016

    Grade 5 pupil writes rape ordeal letter to teacher after HIV lesson

    - A grade five pupil (10) at a primary school in Mvuma wrote a letter to her teacher after attending an HIV and Aids lesson exposing the rape ordeal that she was suffering under the hands of two of her father's farm workers.
    The girl who will not be named for ethical reasons alleged that she was raped by Phillip Mangombe (31) and Wonder Mugutsa (25) who are workers at her father's homestead.
    Mangombe and Magutsa appeared before Chivhu Regional Magistrate Fadzai Mtombeni on Tuesday last week facing four and two counts of rape respectively. The two were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment each, to which five years were set aside for Mangombe and three years for Magutsa on condition that they will not commit a similar offence in the next five years.
    It is the State case that the teacher conducted a lesson on HIV and Aids and sexually transmitted diseases and how they are spread from one person to another. The teacher also encouraged pupils who are abused to report to the Police so that they can get assistance.
    After the lesson, the complainant approached her teacher and told her that she wanted to talk to her privately.
    Later the girl said she had written a letter and placed it in the teacher's drawers.
    The teacher tried to read the letter in the classroom but the pupil pleaded with her to read it later and in her absence. The letter was also drawing the attention from other pupils.
    The teacher later surrendered the letter to the school head and the girl's parents were subsequently informed.
    The allegations are that sometime in August last year, Mangombe who allegedly raped the minor on four different occasions ordered the juvenile who was sitting on the veranda operating a laptop to accompany him to his three-roomed house which is 40 meters from the main house.
    While there, the accused proceeded to his bedroom where he called the complainant and ordered her to remove her pant and he lowered his trousers. The accused had sexual intercourse with the juvenile whilst she was standing without her consent.
    She did not tell anyone about the matter as she was ordered not to tell anyone.
    On the second count, the accused called the complainant and ordered her to follow him to his house and the accused ordered the juvenile to sit on the edge of a spring single bed and raped her.
    On the third count that occurred this year in January, the complainant joined the accused when he went to Chambara Business Centre to collect an aunt who ran a canteen there. The accused who was driving a vehicle belonging to the father of the complainant parked the car and raped the complainant from the back.
    On the last count, the accused fondled the complaint's breasts and buttocks.
    It is alleged that the second accused, Mugutsa raped the juvenile when he asked her to accompany him to the fields on an unknown date, where he wanted to collect his jacket. He spread the jacket under a tree and raped the girl.
    On the second occasion, the second accused called the complainant into a store room and raped her again.
    Nicholas Mabvongodze prosecuted.
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