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    Saturday, 3 September 2016

    For memorable weddings, Peters Lodge is the place to go


    - Strategically located just 7km from the city Masvingo City along the busy Morgenster road is Peters Lodge one of the best wedding venues in the province.
    As one drives into the premises of this magnificent venue the smell of the flowers quickly puts one in the mood of love and this is the place that is ideal for tying of the famous knot. There are a variety of flowers which are found on the pavements all over the lodge with the most noticeable ones being the traditional symbol of love the rose which is found on almost every corner of the lodge.
    There is also the tulip which blossoms under very wet conditions and is normally a representation of consuming love especially when it's found in cream and white colours which are in abundance at the lodge.
    There are countless other flowers but it would be an injustice not to mention the funnel shaped calla lily with a smooth trunk which most suitable for shooting of the best photographs for a lifetime event like a wedding.
    For those who are nimble footed the loan on the wedding garden is the most suitable as it is well taken care of mowed to the same level with expert hands.
    As for the decoration Peters' Lodge is next to none because the chairs are fitted with matching chair backs and one has the freedom to choose any colour which matches their wedding colours.
    There are special chairs for the bridegroom, bride and bridesmaids covered with imported best Indian clothe available.
    During the rainy season the wedding garden is covered with large tents which can accommodate over 1000 guests and there are no rain fears at all.
    The pavements are well compacted in such a way that even when it is raining there is no mud splashing cars and pedestrians.
    The wedding gardens which sit on more than two hectares of land have the capacity to accommodate more than 2000 guests and over 200 vehicles guarded by well-trained personnel.
    "We have hosted weddings for over 100 celebrities from in and outside Masvingo and even outside the country, and every year we also host Valentines' event for couples as the environment is ideal for those who want to be home away from home on the day meant for lovers," said Ellen Kwarire.
    Indeed the place is home away from home as one is greeted by the msasa trees which are well trimmed and looked after, they also blend well with other exotic trees and blooming variety of flowers which makes the place unique. The driveway is swept regularly to remove the tree leaves which normally fall frequently especially during the spring season as trees prepare for the new season.
    Peter's Lodge is also suitable for serious conferences and workshops as it has a big conference room capable to handle large or small groups in a tranquil and natural environment with a choice of indoor or outdoor services. For those who may want to sleep over there are 12 rooms with four of them being executives fitted with new beds and state of the art furniture and plasma televisions fully subscribed to entertainment and family channels on DStv.
    The rooms are fitted with shining imported ceramic tiles which are well polished with snow white sheets on the beds which makes sleeping quite a pleasure.
    Although the dining room is meant for a small group of people, it is well furnished with neatly polished mukwa chairs and fitting chair backs.
    The reception is always manned by ever smiling ladies who make the environment relaxed by the way they welcome the guests. Traditional and western dishes for food lovers are offered at the lodge and one does not need to worry about where to get the best meals because it's a matter of ordering one's favourite and it will be prepared with precision by the  self-motivated chefs who are part of the a staff complement of more than 10.
    Edward Peter Kwarire who started the project in 2003 helped in the designing of the lodge's pathways which appear to be taking a visitor into the jungle only to be greeted by flowers and rooms which are tucked in between the msasa trees.
    During the summer visitors can afford to enjoy nature under the msasa trees which are in abundance and offer the best shades at the lodge and this goes well with what was said by Kwarire about their lodge.
    "At Peter's Lodge we are forever exploring the beauty of nature," she said.
    For those who love night entertainment the lodge is located near a popular bar and a night club which opens until late during the weekends.travel and leisure
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