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    Monday, 8 August 2016

    Moneymaker pumps: Your ZimAsset partner

    GOVERNMENT through the ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development have encouraged farmers to adapt to alternative manual irrigation equipment to do year round farming to ensure national food security in the country.
    The majority of smallholder farmers are in rural and resettlement areas falling in dry regions.
    In these areas, the smallholder farmers are continuously subjected to negative effects of climate change and variations, mainly in the form of poorly distributed rainfall prolonged droughts and to be more in attaining low and poor quality yields.
    There are many solutions towards improving agriculture and yields in Zimbabwe, including rehabilitation of our country's existing irrigation schemes and embracing alternative irrigation technologies such as the MoneyMaker Max and MoneyMaker Hip pumps that empower farmers.
    The manual irrigation equipment is viable as it does not require fuel or electricity hence it is efficient to our small holder farmers.
    Small holder irrigation schemes are more viable in the reduction of poverty, improving food security and export potential for this nation. This should contribute immensely to the achievement of ZIMASSET Cluster no. 1; Food Security and Nutrition and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No.1; End hunger, achieve food security, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.
    The use of manual irrigation equipment will enable smallholder farmers to increase production and to grow high value crops for both local and international markets.
    \This manual irrigation equipment can therefore improve the livelihoods of farmers if they use them efficiently. The MoneyMaker pumps are user friendly especially for women who are into farming, as women bear the brunt of fetching water. Thus they reduce the time spent by women in the fields and frees up their time for other activities.
    It is cost effective, affordable as it does not use electricity, diesel or petrol to operate, which makes it affordable and it is easy to maintain.
    The MoneyMaker manual irrigation equipment enables farmers to become self sustaining as they will be selling high value crops in the market place and can be used as a complement to drip irrigation when used to fill up tanks without added cost.
    This technology helps towards achieving inclusivity in the irrigation sphere as it gives everyone with access to Zimbabwe's ubiquitous open water bodies, such as shallow wells, streams, rivers and dams a chance to be involved in some form of irrigation at very low entry level cost compared with other options currently on the market.
    There are two models; the Moneymaker Max pump is a two cylinder, foot-operated, and ergonomically designed, while the hand operated Moneymaker Hip pump is easy to operate and light weight.
    Both models are designed to draw water from shallow wells, streams, rivers and dams
    The irrigation equipment utilizes water efficiently and helps promote Climate Smart agriculture. It is also suitable for various other uses aside from irrigating crops, such as domestic and livestock water needs, brick moulding and construction projects, and artisanal mining. So don't get left behind, invest in a MoneyMaker manual irrigation pump today!!!
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