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    Saturday, 13 August 2016

    Councillor Rivers leaves man for dead after catching him with his wife

    THERE is this family that is into politics!
    There is a councillor here, a councillor there and another one over there. All from the same family! There is a little political commissar here, another over there and so on!
    How are the Rivers?
    Ehezve, dindingwe rinonaka richakweva rimwe kana rozvuviwa roti mavara angu azara vhu! Asi councillor Rivers?
    It was nice Councillor Rivers when you were dating this other man's wife. I mean this eeh....., oh yes........yaah  Magurethi that's the woman. And you went into every lodge in Chivi as if you paid lobola for her!
    Munodarireiko vakadzi vevamwe nhai vakomana!
    So Mr Skin fainted when he discovered that you were going out with his Magurethi. Ehezve, I mean this Mr Skin who jumps around achingoti maoko mudenga; uko nekoko as if he is praying for the rains. Kachatonga here kaparty aka Kkkkkkkk!
    Nhaka zvangu naSave!
    But it's not nice Councillor Rivers to take the wife of a man who is poor as a church mouse. Oh no, a man whose only possession is a grinding mill at this rundown hotel and a tuckshop inherited from a father's estate.
    But Mr Skin don't worry your prayer has been heard. Mwari haasi wemunhu mumwe.
    I mean this Mr Skin from this Chibi business centre. Kwakadiiko Mhandamabwe? Nhaka zvangu Chasura!
    Mr Skin I like the Shona version of your name, Skin, Kkkkkkkkk, Ganda, Svikanda, Rukanda Kwaaaa!
    But anyway Rivers has been punished and punished heavily for taking Mr Skin's wife.
    Oh yes only last week, he found his wife....ehezve Dzashe Ngoni pants down with another man.
    Get your wife with someone, not nevakomana vemakombi vanenge vakamwa chi super ava. Unomunzwira tsitsi. Wegona chitova!
    Councillor Rivers fainted, kuti puu negotsi variko kuWard yeChitanhatu kwavo ikoko.
    What you do unto others councillor, someone else can do it seven pounds more. Kkkkkkkk vakomana vemakombi ava.
    The Kombi man, call him Mudziyo, yes oh yes ane midziyo yake Kkkkkk hokoyo nesanhu!
    Oh yes Mudziyo, sweet talked Dzashe Ngoni and soon they had a venue at Mandamabwe in an incomplete building there. There is also a convenient hill across the road and Oh la la, the birds saw a lot.
    Then the final straw, oh Dzashe Ngoni how can you do it there? Mukombi here nhai vaMa Ncube?
    And Mudziyo, you removed all the seats so that you can spread a mattress there. Varozvi vakapera nenda.
    And then Councillor Rivers noticed a dancing Kombi parked behind the house. It was not only dancing but it whimpered like a woman in pain. Baba angu Gudo.
    Curiosity killed the cat, he peeped and fainted.
    When he recovered, he trekked the rival lover to his place and beat him like a snake that has sneaked into the bedroom.
    Mudziyo akarohwa vakomana. Hezvoko Councillor Rivers. God paid you with the same coin you pay others! Kwaaa
    Ehe he is not stopping remember he was banished from this friend of ours' shop who was arrested for failing to pay maintenance, ehezvinomboomaka, yes this one with a young wife as well as tuvanatudokotuviriasitwakura but in form 2 and 1 but one of them is a returned soldier at that age. NhakamaKozhoanowa ose mudzimba nemakuhwa.
     Councillor Rivers siyanainezvekunyukura nyukurazvikapu mumasaga eWelfare.
    Mhandamabwe Uko!
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