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    Saturday, 13 August 2016

    Chiredzi mobilise demo against Mahofa


    More than 2 000 Tongaat Hulett workers have resolved to hold demonstrations against Minister of State for Masvingo, Shuvai Mahofa for insisting on the takeover of 4 000 hectares of their company's estates.
    The workers are mobilising the whole Chiredzi community including ordinary residents, politicians, chiefs, business people and school children.
    They are inviting chiefs, politicians, members of the public and all those who are sympathetic to their situation to join in the demonstration. MP for Chiredzi West Darlington Chiwa has already indicated that he will support the demonstration.
    The workers told The Mirror that they have resolved to stand up and defend their jobs and they will therefore hold demonstrations with a clear message that they will no longer fold their hands as politicians do as they please with their future.
    Mahofa recently sanctioned 213 offer letters to new farmers who were going to get plots in a sugar estate run by Tongaat. The takeover will however see 2 000 workers losing jobs.
    The decision by workers comes after President Robert Mugabe ordered a stop to the takeover bid. However, Mahofa has vowed to go against Mugabe.
    Sugar Production and Milling Industry Workers Union of Zimbabwe (SPMWUZ) general secretary, Adonia Mutero told The Mirror that workers will not continue to watch suicidal actions by politicians that are going to blow life out of the sugarcane industry in the country.
    He warned that workers were non-violent but policy makers should not continue to provoke. He said they were no longer going to fold their hands and watch their lives crumbling because of selfish politicians.
    "As Tongaat Hulett workers, we are going to hold demonstrations on August 14, to show our displeasure against the authorities who want to take over 4 000 hectares from our employer and leave 2 000 of us homeless and hundreds of our children out of school.
     "We are inviting all people around Chiredzi including chiefs, all from across the political divide to come and support us. This is genocide, these people want to extinguish life out of the sugar industry but I want them to know that as workers we are non-violent but they should not provoke us and push us to defend ourselves. They have offer letters but we have machetes and other tools which we use at our work," said Mutero.
    MP Chiwa said he supported the move by workers to demonstrate as they are the ones who will be most affected by the current land takeover.
    He said the program is not benefitting ordinary people but rather is earmarked to government officials and their relatives who were allocated other land before.
    MP Chihwa also said he will join the demonstration in support of the workers.
    "Workers are right, they are the most affected and they will benefit nothing. This scheme is meant to benefit Government officials for example District Administrators, Directors in various ministries, Minister of State in Masvingo Shuvai Mahofa, senior Police officers and politicians. There are some people who are giving themselves super classes than others whereas we are in the same country" said Chiwa.local news
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