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    Saturday, 20 August 2016

    Chief Chirumanzi to appear in Gweru court over ‘stock theft’


    Gerald Mudzengi, who is Chief Chirumanzu will appear in court on Thursday next week (August 25) facing three counts of stock theft and two of contempt of court.
    This is according to court documents in the hands of The Mirror.
    The court summoned six people to appear as State witnesses to testify against Mudzengi. Those summoned are Vincent Jumo, Julian Maguudze, Elia Jemwa, Magidi Garutsa, Anyway Nhokwana and Ishmael Chiro.
    The Mirror is reliably informed that Elia Jemwa is a complainant against the chief in a charge in which the later impounded two cattle after accusing Jemwa of carrying out agricultural activities in an area close to a water spring.
    Jemwa contends that the chief has no jurisdiction over a resettlement area and therefore has no powers to bring or hear a case against him.
    In another case Julian Magudze is fighting back to recover 10 herd of cattle allegedly impounded by the chief from her husband. The cattle were to pay lobola for another woman that the hubby allegedly was in love with. Magudze stays in a resettlement area.
    Magidi Gutso is trying to recover one beast and a scotch cart allegedly impounded for holding church service at a place the chief considered to be sacred.
    Another complainant, Vincent Jumo won a court case against the chief after his eight beasts were allegedly impounded. The chief is facing a charge of contempt of court after his aides intercepted the messenger of court who was returning the eight beasts to the complainant. The aides allegedly took the beasts back to the chief.
    The chief is also alleged to have ignored a court order that required him to return two goats he impounded from Anyway Nhokoro who worked during chisi (sacred day).
    Ishmael Chiso is the messenger of court who was barred from effecting court orders.
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