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    Friday, 19 August 2016

    Catholic priests weep as they meet starving centenarian in Gutu North


    GUTU NORTH – Two Roman Catholic priests broke into tears last Saturday when they met 101-year-old Mirida Mutsengi of Farm 256 in Nyazvidzi East who was starving because she has no food.
    Chairman of Chikara Farmers' Association, Clever Chidhangwo Mhaka complained last week that deserving people in the area were not getting social welfare food aid because the programme is being politicised by crude ruling party officials and in particular the area councillor, Jason Mashavira and Ward chairman Charles Gondongwe.
    After a mass service in the area on Saturday, congregants pleaded with Father Peter Mudhanganyi, the priest-in-charge at Bhakita Mission in Soti Source and Father Lawrence Madziyire to visit Mbuya Mutsengi, a centenarian who lives alone in a pole and dagga hut and had no food because she fails to get her name onto the list of beneficiaries of Government food aid.
    A source who attended the visit said the two priests broke into tears when they got to the hut which is located about 500 metres away from the nearest homestead.
    The Priests found Mbuya Mutsengi who has no surviving child with literally no food in her hut. She had a small towel that she used as a blanket, her hut had no floor and her clothes had not been washed for ages.
    The Mirror contacted Father Mudhanganyi who confirmed the incident and said that he could not stand the poverty.
    "We both cried when we met Mbuya Mutsengi. She was the first to break into tears when she was told that there were visitors to see her. Vangauya kuzoona inivo hangu munhu asina chaainacho (how can they come to see a poor person like me)?
    "There was nothing in the hut except a five litre gallon of water. Literally nothing," said Father Mudhanganyi.
    The touched priests went back to their station and returned a day later with enough food to last Mbuya Mutsengi probably three months. She received cooking oil, sugar, roller meal, matemba, flour, salt, mealie-meal for preparing porridge, soap etc.
    She also got a brand new blanket from one of the Catholics.
    Mbuya Mutsengi said she had not been getting food under the social welfare scheme because at one time Councillor Mashavira said she had no national identity.
    It took one of her brother's sons to declare that he would take food from the social welfare by force even if it meant going to prison. He then collected a 20kg of maize and that is when her name got added to the list of beneficiaries.
    "I am suffering. I stay alone, I cook alone and when I fall ill I don't go to hospital. I have not been given food that is given to others because they told me that the councillor always said that I did not have an identity card," said Mbuya Mutsengi.
    She said that even when the food came, she was supposed to join in the food for work programme so her brother's son Aleck Mutsengi who has his own family would work on her behalf.

    The story of Ambuya mutsengi comes hardly a week after The Mirror reported about 88-year-old Mbuya Ndakaziva Mhizha of the same area who died of hunger a few weeks ago.
    Mhaka alleged that Mashavira and Gondongwe who come from Nyazvidzi North discriminated against people from Nyazvidzi East because the area was predominantly MDC-T.
    He alleged that Zanu PF youth below the age of 30 were getting food while the sick and disabled were not getting anything.
    Gondongwe confirmed that he was getting two allocations, one for himself and the other for his daughter-in-law. He however, said The Mirror had an agenda against him although he added that Nyazvidzi's allocation of 250 bags was too small.
    Efforts to get a comment from Mashavira were fruitless.
    Gutu north MP Tichaona Madondo refuted the allegations that there were deserving cases that were not getting food.
    Another centenarian at Farm 294 who is believed to be around 103 has never received food aid because the councillor and Gondongwe told her that she was not entitled because her sons are working.
    Mbuya Marita Madzivire is now blind and can hardly walk as she sometimes has to be carried by her daughter to and from the toilet.
    She however, still has a very alert mind and sharp memory.
    She ululated when she heard that there were people who wanted to talk to her about food aid and proclaimed that God is love.
    "Mwari akaita rudo, akaburuka kudenga akazodzokera, akati ndichadzoka futi (Because God has love He sent His Son from heaven and He went back but said he would come again).
    "Councillor vaindinyima chikafu vachiti handina chitupa. Ndakavapa chitupa changu chikatenderera kwese kwese  zvekuti dei chaive chepepa chingadei chakabvaruka kare. Ndinotenda nhasi ndazooonekwawo nhasi," said Mbuya Madzivire jubilantly.
    A welfare expert who spoke to The Mirror said it was weird that a 100-year-old woman is not given State support because her children are working.
    "The obligation for the welfare of the elderly and disabled is not on the children but on the State. This is why you find that there are well-funded schemes all over the World for elderly people.
    "This councillor is running food schemes as if they are personal and Government should investigate this as a matter of urgency," said the expert.
    Farmers complained that some senior Zanu PF leaders on the food programme are convicted criminals who served jail terms for fraud.
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    1. May his Almighty name be glorified, in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit may the Lord bless all those who were used by the Messiah to help (congregants) to help, and to the Ecclesiastic, Father Mudhanganyi and peer rambai muchipa muenzaniso of the seven corporal, or “bodily” Works of Mercy:
      Give Food to the Hungry.
      Give Drink to the Thirsty.
      Clothe the Naked.
      Shelter the Homeless.
      Visit the Sick.
      Visit the Imprisoned.
      Bury the Dead.

      In Jesus Christ name Amen


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