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    Saturday, 27 August 2016

    Big Majange Mamaz fight for businessman Nish

    VHUU pajunction HOTH wasvika.
    Yaa correct paMajange apo situated in Masvingo's oldest suburb of Mucheke on your way kuF. Apozve painwirwa naSisi vedu vakatisiya mazuva apera awo (MHDSRIP).
    Tiise maoko! Akadii Jah Prezha munyowani.
     HOTH understands that the drinking place has of late regained its past glory with the arrival of this new proprietor ehe uyo anozviti muC number and claims to visit State House from time to time for briefing with the first citizen of the country.
     But HOTH heard kuti anojuta to intimidate people. Manje HOTH haana izvozvo totamba tose gore rino Nishimbo, Nishimani or Nikisi mukwasha wa Rodza chero uChiwanzazvako naNikorasi unochiona gore rino.
    Baba angu dziva nhaka.
    He drives a Gravunia awa mahombe emubhero awa and stays kuWest America, muvakadzi rukono he was officially married to three wives the other one committed suicide (MHDSRIEP) and the other one left in a huff after failing to stomach the abuse, so kwasara wedumuKaradhi uyu akati handiyende ndinogarira vana vangu, baba angu shoko iwe, vuya uzoona.
    You know the person I am talking about, he used to lease a shop at Yeukai business centre and has some Gone yet or Gonyeti which are contracted to do work at this company which brews the wise waters which used to be advertised as international beer from Kenya in the 80s.
    Namai vangu diro kudai the guy is causing havoc as imbibers are not going home early these days as he offers free Zondo for every Quart and a free egg for every Gondo quart, manje pane angainda kumba here ipapo, apaMadhuve ichidambugwa, hameno ikoko namai vaDhikondo!
    Beware you will get broke soon, so don't say we was not warned! Ask Munyama from Mashaba.
    He is not only good at entertaining customers but the fairer sex as well, they are fighting over his sausage or his riches because kwai anobhadhara chaizvo.
    Even women of Alike complections have been exchanging blows with Jorijori over him and it took this popular resident (Rasta) to stop the spilling of blood over Nishimbo wekuWanza.
    Guys I am talking about big women here, very big and vane zvinhu zvavo, Jorijori akati ndewangu ndakabva naye kwa Yeukai uyuwo akati aah can't you see we look Alike ndewangu haa bhogo chematsenganzungu and Jorijori would have none of that pahuro kachu, fortunately the good Rasta arrived in time to rescue the situation.
    Those who witnessed the short boxing match revealed that the match was too close to come up with a winner because matumba aienderana kukanda nekuvhika, ihwitakwi chaidzo.
    Let me warn you Jojo vachihera and Araiki weLawez uyu, Nishimbo is in love with the daughter of this woman wandakambonyora uyu friend yaUyoyozve yonini mhanhi ehee the daughter stays in Harare and is married. But anombouya hake kuzoona Nishimbo and checks Inn at local city lodges, yes last time paBash yamudhara she came and HOTH saw her sneaking into one of the lodges for the business of hiding the sausage.
    You need Patience to know her don't worry.
    Nishimbo does not end there as he also goes for his workers big time and dumps them after satisfying his ego, true anokanda uko without pay futi vhunzai Prusika or Cony who was conned of both her salary and special meat.
    Pakadii apo, pakanaka Dhewa, till next week nawo makuhwa!
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