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    Sunday, 3 July 2016

    The Magwas publish a must read research textbook


    There is no better way to describe this couple from Nyajena in Tongofa village other than to call them 'the couple of the year' since they have produced a very good book by any standard for Zimbabwe research students. The book is a valuable window into academic research and it is indeed a must read to all tertiary students. A Guide To Conducting Research: A Student Handbook which the Professor co-authored with his wife, Dr Simuforosa Magwa, is a book written in simple language and easy to follow as each chapter deals with a specific issue to its logical conclusion.
     The book was published in 2015 by Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Company of USA and Singapore (ISBN 978-1-68181-087-4) and is meant to be a handbook for students in higher education institutions. Although the book is primarily aimed at undergraduate and postgraduate researchers, it can also be used as a tool by lecturers and professors who are either teaching research methods courses or those supervising students doing projects, dissertations and theses.
    "It was written primarily to equip readers with an appreciation of research topics, designs, methods and research reporting skills." said Prof Magwa in an interview with The Mirror.
    Dr Magwa in addition said; "As lectures in Universities for many years we have observed that students often have difficulties in writing research proposals, collecting research data and finally writing the research report."
    Based on these observations, they then decided to write this student handbook or guide that will certainly help to resolve critical academic handicaps in higher education. The book is concise and it focuses attention on most important aspects that a student researcher should know. The chapters are carefully written in an accessible and comprehensive way so that readers easily grasp the concepts being presented. As you read through this book, you will learn how to conduct research on your own though you need to realise that this handbook was produced primarily for general guidance only. Students are therefore advised to read the recommended texts and journal papers on research techniques appropriate to the research methods of their subject disciplines.
    The book starts out by presenting the reader with a very broad introduction of the nature of research covering aspects such as the meaning of research, history of research, the research process, characteristics of research and research paradigms. In the second chapter, the authors discuss the types of research namely basic, applied and action research. The rest of the chapters (i.e. Chpts 3-11) are to a large extent an attempt to provide answers to the following questions:
    •    How do we research?
    •    What different tools and techniques are used to collect and analyse research data?
    •    How do we write the proposal?
    •    How do we write the research report?
    The handbook is striking for its clarity of thought, breath, wealth of examples and balanced content hence it is a must read for all student researchers.
    The authors Wiseman Magwa and Simuforosa Magwa are seasoned university academics with far reaching academic experiences in primary, secondary and tertiary education. Wiseman Magwa is a Full Professor and holder of a Doctoral degree in Language Education. He is currently the Vice Chanchellor of the Reformed Church University. The Professor has written extensively in the area of language, literature, education and philosophy. He has under his name over a 100 publications and of these 24 are books which are being used as reference books in schools, colleges and universities. In June 2013 Professor Magwa was awarded the World Education Congress Global Award for outstanding contribution to education which he personally received in Mumbai, India. His wife, Simuforosa Magwa is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the Great Zimbabwe University and holder of a Doctoral degree in Educational Psychology who has also published several articles and book chapters. The couple has to date collaborated to write several books, chapters in books and academic articles published in refereed international journals.
    For the book orders contact 0772 883 047,
    e-mail: magwaw@rcu.ac.zw
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